• Snow is melting down to become refreshing water - you'd like to immerse like birds into a breezy wind. It’s a sign to be hijacked in an element you didn't know before. Take off your thick coat for the colourful heat to inhale a magnetic storm! A swarm of organic impulses surround your hijacked limbs, resulting in a moving quake in your sphere. It begins as a steady smooth and soulful background noise and grows to an acoustic peak to show you a kooky picture of your hot-blooded musical self. Let you get carried away by the drive and be poised to freak out until sunup - an unique time of mind-blowing awakening. Soulphiction (Philpot, Pampa) Lovebirds (Freerange, Winding Road) Erdbeerschnitzel (live) (Delsin, Mirau) Arttu (live) (Clone Royal Oak, 4lux) M.ono & Luvless (Rose, Kolour Ltd) Snacks (live) (Magic Jams) Charlie Smooth (Get Deep, Kleine Reise) Tim Vitá (Local Talk, Freude am Tanzen) All Jacks together!
  • Hijackin - Flyer front