Kettle & Humanmusic present Urban Trash

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    Corrugated Tunnel [SeedyR / LIVE] Illanja [A$$Quake] Whitenoise [Beatboxer] Rob McKean Signor P. [KETTLE] Caleb Skuzzi Port Alex Donald O.B.ese [Breakdown] Sean Byrne [Breakdown] Eddie Brennan [Electric City] Eric Noon D Roc Stephen Roche Bongo John [Percussion] Wookie [Sax/Flute] Worries Outernational
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  • URBAN TRASH for the sunny month of May is giving a master class in top Irish Djs and Live acts. As always our strict policy of pushing the sounds from many genres and styles will be enforced. We're kicking of early with free food and live reggae [courtesy of Erik Noon] in the beer garden from 6pm so come early and take advantage. Worries Outernational [Sibin Festival] will be bringing their serious blend of Reggae and Dance Hall to the main room from 9 to get the night started and the feeling relaxed. Skuzzi Port will be taking the reins from 11.30 and upping the tempo with their rock and techno fusion! Eddie Brennan who's name cant be missed these days, will be delivering his own unique style of driving techno as only he can. Irish powerhouse producer Corrugated Tunnel [Seedy R Label Head] whose tracks are being dropped by none other than Derrick May all the way in Japan at the moment and will be taking no prisoners as he puts the cherry on top and finishes the night! The Back Bar will be made up of a varied selection of genres and styles, expect to hear everything from electro and techno to breaks and hip hop as Alex Donald, Illanja, Rob McKean, Signor P and Caleb control the floor. And if you missed Breakdown's very memorable Birthday, we're giving you a second chance to catch them doing their thang in the main bar downstairs! As if live percussion, flute, sax and Djs weren't enough, the Breakdown crew are being joined by the unmistakable sound of Whitenoise. Expect vocal gymnastics and loops, beatboxing at it's best! We've packed plenty in for all walks of life. Get in early for e10 and students for e8!
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