Yours X Waves Paradise // Invites Andrea [FR]

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    Andrea [FR] Boeboe Know V.A Apex Rise Jan Jabba & Urvinho ¥RV
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  • On the 14th of September 'Yours' will kick of with their first edition. This time in collaboration with the Youtube channel 'Waves Paradise'. We created a Mini Festival where every edition contains a foreign producer who will bless us with his musical talents. This first edition we booked Chillwave Champion Andrea. All the way from Paris he'll come to pop the cherry of Yours Amsterdam! This will all take place in the lovely VLLA. Where good music, nice People and a chill Atmosphere are Characteristic. Musically, Day & Night will be filled with Future garage(UK House), experimental Hip Hop, Beats, Chill Wave, Chill Trap, PB R&B Etc. BYOFBBQ On this day we arranged a BringYourOwnFood BBQ where you can cook a nice dinner, prepare a pizza in our oven or have a sweet BBQ, which will be burning from 19:30 until everybody charged themselves to get their dance on (We might even have a few burgers ready for the ones who arrive first) Beer Pong After dinner there will be a small Beer pong Tournament for you to show of your extreme pong ball skills with the risk of drinking to much beer in a too short time, Everything goes at a cost… Yours&Waves Surprise We have a few surprises which involve; Vodka, LongLegs & Guns (Watch your mouth) WavesClothing A Good Laugh Is Never Bad (WavyDreams) Yours Sincerely, Yours & Waves Paradise
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