Galerie Project presents Francis Harris, Oshana, Archie Pelago, & Multiple Mono (Day Event)

  • Galerie Project welcomes you to our second exhibition on Saturday, September 21st from noon - midnight. This live experience will feature live DJ sets, paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, and improvisational dancing from some of New York's most inspiring talent. Our goal is to create a fully immersive experience through the use of dynamic art & technology, while challenging the general perceptions of space. Live VJ performance from Integrated Visions Productions Live Improvisational Dance from Juliane Silveira, Keiko Hamamura & Victor Gonzalez Live watercolor painting from Collyn Gold Live digital painting from Highpriest Coh Francis Harris [Scissor & Thread] Granted, a somewhat intense punk rock kid from Vegas into philosophy and Pynchon isn’t the most likely candidate to become a club DJ, no less one of the leading American talents in the global electronic music underground, but that is the story of Francis Harris. Over 10 years ago, Francis quite accidentally “discovered” dance music and has approached the craft of DJing, composing and producing it with uncommon focus and dedication ever since. In the studio or the booth, Francis is known to be steadfast, thoughtful and purposeful; an uncompromising artist who takes his art seriously, even is it is “just” dance music. Over his career, that attitude and a fair bit of talent has earned Francis sustained critical notice and a loyal worldwide following. The scene’s aficionados have long favored the dark yet moving, introspective excursions Francis delivers as “Adultnapper” for respected dance music labels like Poker Flat, Mule Electronic, Simple and his own boutique imprint, Ransom Note. When teamed with Mr. C of The Shamen as Sycophant Slags, a mischievous streak behind the foreboding Adultnapper persona emerges, evidenced in a string of punchy dance anthems the duo have recorded for Get Physical and Poker Flat, including the 2009 hit single and video “Keep Off.” Firmly established now with 50+ dancefloor-oriented EPs to his credit, including recent high-profile collaborations with M.A.N.D.Y., Francis is no less inspired to continually challenge convention and expand the boundaries of his creativity. 2010 proved a pivotal year in this regard, as Francis embarked on the recording of his first full length album. Titled “Leland,” in tribute to his father, the album is a poi- gnant requiem featuring piano, guitar, cello, trumpet and vocals by Danish singer Gry. Although loosely based on house rhythms, “Leland” reaches beyond the club and in realizing this ambitious project, Francis forged new creative partnerships and rekindled a long dormant interest in songwriting, live instrumentation and performance, leading, in 2011, to the launch of Scissor and Thread. Read more here: Oshana (Live) [Brouqade] In an era where ‘original’ music is few and far between, few artists have been able to capture a truly indigenous sound. Luckily, for this US-born Producer and DJ, a relentless pursuit of instinctive rhythm has allowed her to produce a sound that is undeniably her own. With just a year of production under her belt, Oshana has composed a style that is both unique and complex, a product of expansive atmosphere, embryonic bass, and infectious percussion and rhythm. Over the past year, Oshana has welcomed the release of two solo EP’s on the highly acclaimed, Romanian label, LOK Records, a remix for Stab9 on the Moscow based label, BodyParts Records, and a powerful VA release on her home label of Brouqade. Not surprisingly, her productions have quickly gained the support of several major artists on the infamous Desolat music label, a:rpia:r, and Cadenza, to name a few. Fueled with a budding release schedule, she’s developed an inspiring LIVE performance, gracing audiences in her home city of New York all the way to London and Berlin. With an impressive release schedule and tour dates to boast, there's no doubt that the future remains bright for this up and coming artist. Looking ahead, this year promises to be a tremendous one for Oshana. With forthcoming dates scheduled in her home city of New York and Ibiza, an introductory vinyl EP, and a second various artist release, Oshana is rapidly defining herself as an artist “to watch.” Armed with an intrinsic passion for making music, Oshana will continue to strive towards the forefront of innovative dance music. No matter where the path may lead her, you’ll find her living by a simple credo, “Do what you love and love what you do, the rest comes naturally.” Soundcloud: Archie Pelago (Live) Archie Pelago is a trio that produces electronic music collectively and performs live. The group is Hirshi (trumpet, turntables), Cosmo D (cello, Ableton) and Kroba (saxophone, Ableton). In the studio, they combine their varied backgrounds in jazz and classical with a common love for rhythm and the wide-open possibilities of electronic music. On stage, they perform with their instruments, Ableton and Serato, organically melding the world of DJing and live electronic music performance, as well as beyond it. With their first 12" on the Mister Saturday Night label receiving rave reviews from FACT and Resident Advisor, and heavyweight collaborations with Grenier and Distal in the works, the Archie-P sound should not be missed, live or on record. If you don't believe us check out their Resident Advisor podcast below: Multiple Mono (Live) [Minus 12 | Little Helpers | Manyc | VODER] Ever-evolving live act Multiple Mono combines 20th century musical instruments with 21st century technology. All sound holds potential; the misuse of static, reverberated chatter, warped tones of amateur musical equipment or perhaps a cell phone ring. In their productions, it's not unusual for a haunting, half-time piano melody played backwards through a cassette player to descend into thumping, moody minimal techno. Multiple Mono subverts expectations through original sound elements that culminate to a sometimes eerie, often groovy and always intellectual mood. Multiple Mono's approach to the dance floor was greatly impacted by their electronic music coming of age in New York City's thriving early to mid 2000's club scene. Downtown's Arcspace and its downtempo side room the "Arcade" in particular helped cultivate Paterson's minimal techno upbringing. This diverse dance floor education taught Multiple Mono the importance of offering something idiosyncratic and provocative, yet still danceable. "It's important to be true to yourself as an artist but also put yourself in the shoes of the listener." The result is the off-kilter and experimental nature of their recordings transformed into electro-acoustic soundscapes to keep the dance floor warm. Multiple Mono exploits common notions about dance music for the benefit of their work as well as the listener's enjoyment. They prove techno can be beautiful, and ambient electronica can be diabolical. Passing traffic can be turned into music and piano chords can be noise. Paterson asserts that the beauty in these contradictions lends to the novelty of their sound, "If you can make something new and different that appeals to people, that's a measure of success." If you think you've heard it all, keep listening. Read more here: Artists: Max Binski (Painting | Pluie/Noir) David Garcia (Photography) Carmelo Ferro (Painting) Justin Winslow (Painting) Emily Marchesiello (Drawing) Sima Schloss (Painting) Derek Weisberg (Sculpture) Jen Sessions (Painting) Mary Evelyn Pritchard (installation) Eric Rieper (interactive art) Gocha Tsinadze (interactive art) Corey Maywalt (Photography) Andy Milford (Photography) Juliane Silveira (Performance Dance) Keiko Hamamura (Performance Dance) Collyn Gold (Live Painting) HighPriest Coh (Live Painting) Un'style'd Designs Noriko Nakano (print) Integrated Visions Productions (Live Visuals & VJing) More to be announced... Event Location: Lightspace 1115 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY (L Train to Morgan Ave) Age: 21+ Time: Noon - Midnight Websites:
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