Hidden Agenda: Forrests [live] & Snakehips [live]

  • Hidden Agenda Present FORRESTS [Live] SNAKEHIPS [Live] Saturday October 19th, Doors 11pm Channel One members Paul O’ Reilly and Owen O’ Mahony have made an album of electronic material together as FORRESTS. Their debut Wilder EP contained six tracks of analogue and digital electronica that wraps itself in a warm glow. Keys notes, wood percussion and voice seeemingly float above much their tracks’ main rhythms, unfolding less like an exact arrangement but a collection of sound exhaling and inhaling to the same rhythm.In that way, FORRESTS share the same rolling inexactitudes as Fuck Buttons and that characteristic lends itself to the cerebral hits of ‘Billion’ and ‘Latitude’, which is close to M83 in its widescreen ambient yet anthemic feel. After stirring up some notice with their dancey, tightly calibrated brand of futuristic soul music on remixes for Wild Belle and Bondax, shadowy London-based production duo SNAKEHIPS produced the epic single "On & On", featuring Australian vocalist George Maple. The track is basically a tour through a host of timeless R&B staples- funky flickers of guitar, canned string sections, gauzy organ samples - but Snakehips manage to manically stich the production together with hip-hop breakbeats and busy fits of electronic flourishes. The result is a cooly shimmering backdrop for Maple to delivery a seriously sultry performance full of breathy caesuras, as "On & On" is another steamy glimpse of Snakehips' healthy potential as production gurus.