Hidden Agenda & Nightflight present: Holy Ghost! & Ewan Pearson

  • Hidden Agenda & Nightflight Presents HOLY GHOST! (Dj Set) - (DFA, NY) EWAN PEARSON (Kompakt / UK) The Button Factory Saturday 21st September  Doors 11pm DFA signings Holy Ghost! are set to release their 'Dynamics' album on 9th September. Sharp-cut disco is the order of the day, the kind ex-LCD James Murphy even went ahead and gave his royal stamp to in producing album offcuts. The DFA staples are plain to see in 'Okay', the latest track to preview the album. Imagine if clubs the world over just played music like this. People could stop pretending to be cool. It'd be an all-encompassing, ultra-fun soundtrack for everybody. Ewan Pearson has been making records since 1995. He has recorded as Maas for Soma, releasing six singles and an album, ʻLatitudeʼ, and under a number of other guises including World of Apples and Partial Arts for Cologne’s legendary Kompakt label. His remixes for the likes of Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Seelenluft, Jon Hopkins, Metronomy Foals and Junior Boys .His production credits include Delphic, Tracey Thorn, The Rapture’s, M83 and he has recently produced and mixed the Footprintz’ debut album for Visionquest and Jaqwar Ma's debut album. Its Ewan's abilities as DJ that make him a firm favourite with Nightflight and Hidden Agenda. Anyone who witnessed his previous Dublin shows will attest as to why Ewan is so respected. Its refreshing to see someone who is an absolute master of the art reminding us that at the centre of every great night should be a great DJ.
  • Hidden Agenda & Nightflight present: Holy Ghost! & Ewan Pearson - Flyer front