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    , DJ Bone, (Metroplex / Music Man / Subject Detroit) Support- Dj Kali (Effektverket) DJ SNE (Kentaur Racing)
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  • DJ BONE For well over 15 years, DJ BONE has represented the techno capital- as board member of the DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival), on the airwaves, in clubs worldwide and as a producer and owner of Subject Detroit. His uncompromising attitude against watered-down trends and hype is well known, and he has become a legend while remaining 100% independent. He is not a producer who happend to DJ- he is a DJ with skills on three decks second to none. Few can deliver such eclectic and funky techno sets like Eric Dulan, and his dedicated no-nonsense approach also shows in some of the most soulful and essential productions we've heard from the Motor City lately! Support from DJ SNE (Kentaur Racing) and DJ KALI. The weekend before will also host a Detroit-styled evening at Stearin, 26 April, 22-02. Tickets at Blenda and Drift. Limited cheap preale tickets online -» http://www.effektverket.net http://www.dj-bone.com/ http://www.7mzdt.com/subjectdetroit/ http://www.myspace.com/djbone313 http://www.myspace.com/dj_sne http://www.kentaurracing.com http://www.myspace.com/kaligreenery http://www.effektverket.net --WELCOME--
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