Colony vs The Quietus

  • So, this is an exciting plan we've been in the process of hatching for quite a while [drum roll]: teams Colony and The Quietus - who've become closer and closer allies over recent times, both hitting age five this year - get together to host an early autumn, one-off CXQ dance session in the inviting surrounds of The Hive Project, Hackney Wick (better known, by day, as The Yard Theatre). Over several months and many ales, we've assembled a line-up that brings together some of the most exciting and adventurous dance and electronic musics the UK currently has to offer, with each guest approaching their sound from a compellingly unique and determinedly full-on angle - just the way it should be. We're thrilled to announce that headlining proceedings is Mark Fell, with the debut London performance of his dazzling club music project, Sensate Focus. We've all long been huge fans of Mark's music, both for his whirlwind rhythmic dissections as one half of glitch pioneers SND (responsible for one of Raster-Noton's finest-ever LPs) and his playful and varied solo work, including a blazing new 12" for Mute's Liberation Technologies. His brain-rewiring Sensate Focus 12" series from the last year, though, has operated on some next level entirely, using a bare minimum of components to construct some of the most infectious yet fiendishly complex club music ever disseminated. We've been itching to see him blast this material out on a dancefloor, and now it's happening: on THP's peachy Funktion-Ones, expect razor-wire two-step, shimmering house reductions and scrambled funk to tie your legs, minds and nervous systems in knots. Next up is Beneath, the now London-based purveyor of bare-bones UK funky clatter and throbbing bass-weight. Following a pair of killer white label twelves through his own No Symbols imprint, he's taken things up a notch lately, releasing explosive plates via Keysound, Pinch's Tectonic and Niche N Bump. They all pinpoint a chest-rattling sweet spot between '05-'08 dubstep, techno and the undulating, grimey grooves of early UK funky, as do his DJ sets, which drag you along by the scruff of the neck in a swamp of tarry subs and clanking drums. Darkside UK techno-bass manna for a new age of austerity, this is what the Continuum sounds like in 2013 and we can't wait to get all ruff-n-tumbly down the front. Speaking of low end, we're delighted to welcome back one of the UK's foremost alt. techno experimentalists, Ruaridh Law, aka Broken20 co-head TVO. Following a storming late night set Colony vs Broken20 back in March and an acclaimed split release with Shifted (the awesome, brooding Red Night Variations, one of tQ's albums of 2013 so far), he'll be making the journey south once again to show why Glasgow knows its shit, playing a 'floor-oriented live PA that promises to meld UK techno, dub, drone, R-N-fixated electronics and no little post-UKG bass swagger in a way which - as his wonderful set at last year's Freero testified to, to name but one instance - makes utter, enthralling sense. As one-third of London-based shapeshifting dance/noise/industrial collective Factory Floor, meanwhile, Dom Butler has caused his fair share of havoc on dancefloors these past few years, with his gritty modular synth explorations and chattering drum machine rhythms a crucial anchor in the trio's sound. Fresh off the release of the band's long-awaited debut album, he'll be bringing his all-hardware set up to The Yard - last heard on record in his pummeling, cowbell-riddled remix of Forward Strategy Group, a long-time secret weapon in Colony ally Perc's record bag - for a set of acidic thrum and buzz and freaked-out, noise-scrubbed dancefloor mutations. In support, Colony regular and soon-to-be Broken20 cassette contributor Tengui will be playing it deep and heady early on, whilst The Quietus' Rory Gibb cruises Wickside with a record bag packed out with tunes of varying hues, tempos and rhythms for a closing mix-off with Colony's MB & CB, whose penchant for all things UK, hardcore and jungle has become increasingly pervasive of late. Expect thumping beats, churning bass and no few sirens, divas and ches-rattlin' breakbeats as 6am approaches. Tickets are on sale now for the usual price of £5/£8 advance - fair game, we think, for such an on-point billing. And in case you're wondering, The Hive Project is a great space: essentially a warehouse theatre with a rig, bar and late licence, situated paces away from Hackney Wick overground and a short bus ride from all the usual eastside haunts. The perfect corner of LDN for what promises to be a super-special gathering. [-]
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