Brain Machine Radio presents: Photodementia - Live, Friends

  • Brain Machine Radio presents : Photodementia (live) + Friends. The first in a series of occasional events occurring at irregular intervals in isolated locations. Concentrating on live electronic music, DJ sets and visual performance. For the first event Brain Machine are extremely excited to have secured a live set from the recently unearthed mysterious electro/techno outfit 'Photodementia' Photodementia is the devious offspring of Canadian, Victor Beaudet, one-time collaborator with Richard Davis of Cybertron, and American, Bernard Davies. Evoking comparisons with the legendary production projects of Drexciya and Dopplereffekt, as well as Kraftwerk and AFX, Photodementia's music is mind-altering material, ear worming electro dynamism that realigns the elements of the brain like a true listening experience should. Expect cosmic electro futurism in huge proportions. In the early segment of the night, Oxford's Diffuse will be treating us to live ambient textures and drones courtesy of his self constructed Wiard modular synthesizer. Hiding behind a spaghetti junction of patch cables, Diffuse pushes out beautiful, thought provoking, body music. Brain Machine has also managed to enlist the DJ skills of Andrew Ingram of legendary Glasgow club night 'Slabs of the Tabernacle' and more recently 'Tabernacle Records' Andrew is a well respected, versatile DJ with a wealth of knowledge and an admirably honest way of pushing the music he loves and the projects he's involved in. Acting under the Brain Machine banner, local DJ Rick Nicholls will play alongside Manchester acid house and techno legend Johnny Abstract. Both of whom will be expressing their fascination with the darker, weirder side of techno and electro. The music on the night will be backed up with visual performance. Tickets available in Piccadilly Records and Eastern Bloc, Manchester city centre Also available online her at Resident Advisor Line up : Photodementia (live) Diffuse (live) Andrew Ingram Johnny Abstract Rick Nicholls VJ - tba More info to follow soon
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