Peaking Lights Sound System

  • Welcoming the Peaking Lights Sound System where Aaron from the band will be delving into his expansive and varied record collection. In his own words: “So, as for the latest tour I’m rollin’ solo, cruisin’ out as the Peaking Lights Sound System bringing a bag of tricks, I guess we just found a fancy way to say DJ. Getting really excited for this! I’ll be jamming a lot of our influences and groovy tunes for you a lot of freaked out tunes. I’m not sure what to expect out there but I’ll be most likely spinning something akin to this Beats in Space session I did recently listen here: $LAYRON PEAKING LIGHTS SOUND SYSTEM pretty dancey, pretty groovy that kind of vibe… - Manchester's finest Ruf Dug will be on warm up duties. We've been big fans of his self released edits on the Ruf Kutz label. Check out his excellent Boiler Room here -