Random Magic Halloween with Omar S, Futureboogie Recs,Horse Meat Disco vs Classic Recs, Optimo

  • Fire & Lightbox - 30 yards Vauxhall Tube & 24 Hr Bus Station Adv Tickets Final Release £17.50 / last remaining There will be Tickets available on the do Super Spooky Earlybirds Sold Out | £10.00 / sold out 1st Release £12.50 / sold out 2nd Release £15.00 / sold out The the sun soon to set on this years summer season, it's time to dance into the darkness of the winter months and all the lights, mystery and mayhem that comes with it. On Saturday 26th October, RANDOM MAGIC cast a spell on the newly relaunched FIRE to celebrate Halloween. Bringing with them one of the biggest electronic line-ups around including 3 top notch room hosts including Resident Advisor's label of the month FUTUREBOOGIE RECORDINGS headed up by MAXXI SOUNDSYSTEM and acts flying in from Detroit OMAR S plus HORSE MEAT DISCO, LUKE SOLOMON, HONEY DIJON LIVE plus JG WILKES & JD TWITCH as OPTIMO,and many more who will be holding all to ransom with random acts of magic and medicine. FUTUREBOOGIE RECORDINGS RANDOM MAGIC's very special guest will be the mighty Omar S. With the release of his third album, 'Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself' and the consistent excellence of his FXHE label combined with the way his productions blend sultry soul with raw, jacking machine music, Omar has carved himself out a niche as being one of house and techno's most entertaining personalities. He'll be heading up the Futureboogie Recordings stable, who bring a bundle of artists including Brighton stalwart and Futureboogie pin-up Maxxi Soundsystem, followed by the soul infused Hackman, also known as one half of Bruh Jackman. Producer, DJ, remixer, secret location party maker, creator of seductively sneaky re-edits Lukas strides south, along with Christophe, the essential and often unsung beating heart of Bristol's music scene, all topped off with Futureboogie DJs made up of the hardest working men in showbiz Dave 'El Harvo' Harvey and Joe 90. CLASSIC MUSIC COMPANY Vs HORSE MEAT DISCO Next up, a marriage made in heaven (or hell as we're in the season) of Classic Vs Horse Meat Disco. The legendary Classic Music Company come together for an assault of dark disco and signature house goodness with the original disco mafia Horse Meat Disco. Luke Solomon, co-founder (alongside Derrick Carter) of Classic, the label that introduced DJ Sneak, Tiefschwarz and Isolée amongst many others to the world, will anchor proceedings for the evening in their spooky room in collusion with South London royalty Horse Meat Disco. Fashion forward Honey Dijon has become one of the most sought after DJ's in New York's party scene of late and will be playing live. She is also about to helm the fourth instalment in the Classic Through The Eyes Of mix series. The diamond in Dalston's crown Dan Beaumont, father of both the Dalston Superstore & The Dance Tunnel and purveyor of one of the best record collections going, Mr Beaumont is about to drop not one but two releases on Classic shortly. "So magical that it can turn any occasion, however mundane, into a polysexual cosmic disco" BBC review of Horse Meat Disco OPTIMO (Espacio) Finally and by no means least JG Wilkes and JD Twitch come together as Optimo to play one of their legendary all night long sessions. Having fashioned the incredible institution that was the weekly Sunday night Optimo at Glasgow's Sub Club their guests over the years included the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Four Tet, Hot Chip, Franz Ferdinand, Richie Hawtin & TV on the Radio. But the club was always about residents Jonnie & Keith aka Wilkes & Twitch. Don't expect easy club hits. Depending on the duo's mood, the sound will veer from sleazy funk to post punk, electro, 50's swing and anything in between. Operating on so many levels of amazing over the years Optimo, the Horse Meat Disco Stallions and Futureboogie and Classic have created sublime events where the cosmic, the hairy, the naked and downright fabulous can be free and far out. They'll come together for one night only to create a ghoulish room of dancing, disco and decadence, combined with high production values across the labyrinthian FIRE and The Lightbox, funktion 1 throughout and a ghost train in the courtyard. A new Halloween contender has arrived with a few tricks and a real treat up its sleeve. Celebrating all that is good and great in label culture in 2013, Random Magic will host a label festival allowing each imprint to push out their own unique identity, whilst showing respect and support to their peers in the adjoining rooms. Directed by the mystic and aligned with the cosmic, Random Magic make the perfect hosts for London's new Halloween affair. Demonstrated by the pagan symbols weaved throughout their logo and artwork, they have an inherent understanding as to why Halloween is now one of the most celebrated nights of the year. Advance tickets www.ransomnote.co.uk | www.residentadvisor.net | www.firelondon.net Links & Info: www.randommagic.co.uk www.facebook.com/randommagicevents twitter.com/magic_random www.firelondon.net www.magicandmedicine.com
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