Bixon presents Gerry Read [live], Hubie Davison, Shocko [live] and Ste Waite

  • Venue
    Bar A Bar
    • 133-135 Stoke Newington Road; Stoke Newington; London N16 8BT; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Fri, 18 Oct 2013
    22:00 - 04:00
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 55
  • Back in London and nearing our double figure party in the city. We are encouraging diverse blends from our guests - with autumn looming, this will set the tone of dark stomping months in steamy basements that tend to follow. The venue is perfect; just a little walk off the Dalston strip, we can guarantee a rounded experience of music in an intimate and fervid environment. Gerry Read has been turning heads for the past couple of years. With a number of self-releases and a strong relationship with Ramp Recordings’ Fourth Wave, he has established himself as a widely acclaimed producer. International bookings have taken him throughout Europe, plus gigs in New York and Moscow are spreading the Suffolk lad’s wings. Choosing to draw inspiration from a wide history of music has kept him largely out of the club scene, per say. Gerry’s live set ignites the spirit of artists past, while transporting you to the futuristic side of the house music genre. Dublin born, turned East-London local – Hubie makes his long awaited debut at our party. Maturing his sound for release this summer on Leisure System gave him sets at OFF-Sonar in June and Panorama Bar in August. Like Gerry, being signed onto Littlebig Agency is also a notable achievement within their genre. With a Masters in studio composition and establishing himself as a journalist, there is likely no turning back for this music geek. London-based producer Shocko's work runs the gamut from hip hop to bass. Last year saw his first vinyl release with electronica collective - Culture Glitch and projects working with Tom Middleton and Johno Black. This year also saw his return to Celtronic festival alongside DJ Hell, Jon Hopkins and John Talabot. Ste Waite brings a Leeds molded sound to the party; closing this time, he has warmed up Edinburgh for us in the past. His release on Delayed Audio earlier in the year has surpassed 25,000 listens via soundcloud. However Ste’s big news is an imminent 3 track EP on Fullbarr. After listening to it through it reaffirmed our support of both him and the label.
  • Bixon presents Gerry Read [live], Hubie Davison, Shocko [live] and Ste Waite - Flyer front