V.O.S. Village Of Sounds

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    Edwin Oosterwal (REJECTED, nl) Warren Fellow (Synergie, nl) Eklektic (Klein wild und willig, Residents) Taibo Holz (Muff-label, Silenced) Lady Lektrix
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  • Line-up: + EDWIN OOSTERWAL (REJECTED, extrema music) + WARREN FELLOW (SYNERGIE, extrema music) + (Klein wild und willig) Village Of Sounds is a concept started in 2006 with their first edition @ rumba en co Louvain, it was an overwhelming succes. After their thirth succesful edition with Laurten Guldentops(Ilovetechno2006)they decided to take their party to a higher level and they invited no one less than: EDWIN OOSTERWAL from REJECTED,NL. and WARREN FELLOW from SYNERGIE,NL. They will be supported by the performances of the young upcoming female dj LADY LEKTRIX, TAIBO HOLZ and off course the notorious residents EKLEKTIC and FEYS. This party guaranties talented DJ's, cheap drinks and an overdose of elektronical muzik. This party is organised by EklekticMuzik. PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY HARDY
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