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  • WE ARE CELEBRATING!!! Not only did we exceed our Kickstarter goal thanks to all of you, but Obey City's 'Champagne Sounds' EP is also dropping on LuckyMe!! To mark the occasion, we are bringing in two of the world's most interesting and versatile female DJs in Jubilee and Mamiko Motto. Come make history with us. We will be once again firing up the Tsunami Bass Sound System in FREECANDY – a former car parking garage filled with street art, day-glo UV paint, a full-service bar and a 20’ x 12’ projection area. Astro Nautico residents will be holding down all the in-between sounds for the night and Paris Group International along with guest VJs 404FOREVER will be curating movie-theatre-sized VHS video projections. We’ll also stream the whole night live on our new channel on Ugetme TV. As always, you don’t have to be a music head in order to enjoy what we’re planning. Thunderous bass weight and raw visuals form a potent electronic cocktail capable of offering just about anyone a uniquely invigorating party experience. CHAMPAGNE SOUNDS RELEASE PARTY FEATURING MUSIC BY RESIDENTS: OBEY CITY • THE RANGE • MICHAEL JUKESON • PAUL JONES AND GUESTS: JUBILEE • MAMIKO MOTTO VISUALS BY: PARIS GROUP INTERNATIONAL Got a question of any kind? – [email protected] Want to pay $5 at the door instead of $10? Send an e-mail with your full name to [email protected] Limited to +1 guest per reservation. RSVP list is valid ONLY BEFORE midnight. Follow @astronautibro on Twitter for live updates.
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