Two Years of Stattnacht - Sneak Into the Pool

  • Exhibition: FROM CITY WALLS TO GALLERY WALLS Vernissage: 20:00 - 03:00 More and more, Street Art is leaving the walls of the city behind and entering homes, galleries and collections through the front door. More than 40 years since its emergence, the previously underground outlaw movement of now excites the entire art-loving public, from major collectors to ordinary viewers. Street Art is undergoing a transformation into Contemporary Art. Images and works pass by as artists come and go; galleries grow and die at a dazzling pace. Institutions and dealers are increasingly recognizing and appropriating the most open and popular movement in the history of art. The money has arrived and come out into the open. Some purists question the legitimacy of new arrivals straying too far from the roots of the movement. They cry foul when works are not created in the street, with adrenalin pumping, in defiance of the authorities. However, all artistic movement carries in their genes the principle of their evolution. Public recognition and earning money are not symbols of compromise. The street is not – or no longer – an end in itself. It is just a place for expression and existence among many others. Urban artists incarnate the protean 21st century creator, combining technical progress with traditional techniques, embracing new methods of reproducing and distributing images to explore new destinations, adopting new media to dare every conceivable folly and create their own languages, codes and styles. Despite a blasé institutional context in the art establishment, where the view is that everything has already been done and that all work must be intellectually reasoned and justifiable, urban artists preserve and stimulate their spontaneity, instinct and individuality by keeping well away from explanation and theorization. The new challenge for all Urban Arts artists is to proceed at the transition from city walls to houses and galleries without losing their soul and spontaneity.
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