Under_score presents... DJ Pete (Scion Versions/Chain Reaction/Tresor)

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    DJ Pete ( Chain Reaction / Scion Versions / Tresor / Hard Wax ) + under_score djs: Jim Petherwick Luke Malcher Placid
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  • under_score are proud to present DJ Pete aka Peter Kuschnereit; a man with a longstanding and deeply resonant influence on the electronic music scene in Berlin and across the globe. He is most widely known for his collaborations with Rene Lowe (aka Vainqueur), as Scion. In 1995 Scion provided the debut release for Basic Channel's sister-label, Chain Reaction. BC's Mark Ernestus & Moritz Von Oswald later asked Pete and Rene to represent their music in clubs across the world, with the subsequent tour giving rise to 2002's groundbreaking 'Scion Arrange & Process Basic Channel' CD, and widespread acclaim. As a solo artist, Peter has been responsible for key releases on Surgeon's Counterbalance label and the Chain Reaction imprint. 1996's "Relish", brought out under the his Substance moniker, is regarded as a modern classic, and his remix work for Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, Monolake and Rhythm & Sound has further secured his place among techno music's elite operators. Peter works at the famous Hardwax record shop in Berlin with the cream of electronic music passing through his hands on a daily basis. In support we have a selection of Bristol's finest techno djs; JIM PETHERWICK, LUKE MALCHER and PLACID ( under_score ) playing the hottest electronic sounds around. thanks