Lost Baggage feat. Luca Bacchetti & James Talk

  • The bags are hungry.....and YOU look like some fine tasty fresh cannibal fodder....mmmmmmmmm mmmmm!!!! Jungle Boogie perhaps, a Forest Rave maybe .... mwahahaha you guys are SOFT!!! How bout a CAVE RAVE with some CANNIBAL CARNAGE and a JUNGLE twist.....!!!!!! yep that’s better, more up the BAG alley we say Whoaa so the BAGS 've gone BUSH.......deep deep bush. JUNGLE actually. LOST BAGGAGE – JUNGLE CAVE RAVE SATURDAY 5 JULY 2008 Oonga Boonga Me like Party. Errrrrrr. Wizard man get yum yum cookie we eat hmmmmmm. Dunnamai Chicka Dancing Pweeeee? (slurp slurp) Jungle Juice mmmmmmm me eat booobies mmmmmmmmm What Kuntihara the Caveman is saying is that he really loves a good sound system especially when we have seriously sick funky techno acts like Luca Bacchetti on Wagon Repair headlining the parties. Umfffff. Kunti (that’s what he likes to be called.....pronounced Koonti) has also a very serial penchant for the disco wizard’s groovy psychoactive jungle medicines, in particular the Amazonian Shaman’s secret hallucinogenic elixir that makes the walls wobbly and the techno sound real good. HAPPY KUNTI (beats chest)!!!!!!! He also loves a good breast fillet preferably straight off a human chest because in the jungle tarantulas are furry and the beetle shells get stuck between his fragile caveman teeth. Kunti say “LOST BAGGAGE MAKE GOOD PARTY.............REAL REAL GOOD” Whether your a Homo Erectus or an Erectus Homo, a caveman with a bad attitude or a cavewoman with a good one, get ur gear off and kit urself down to the bone. Get in to some bad asse jungle gear .ie nothing......maybe some leaves and some dirt for good effect. Wear your coat to the club and check it in with our cloak staff at the door when you arrive because as Depeche Mode once said “LET ME SEE YOU STRIPPED DOWN TO THE BONE”. Maybe yer precious little titties and nads will be fer-fer-fer- freezin off in the July gusties but the LOST BAGGAGE booby & nad heating system will heat them right back up soon as you walk thru that front door and hit the da-da-da DANCEFLOOOOOR!!!!!!!!. Uhum......so the details MAIN ROOM LUCA BACCHETTI [Wagon Repair] [Italy] JAMES TALK [Spoken] [UK] Biz (you know who he is) Luke McD [Smashbang - Melbourne] Murat Kilic [Reckless Republic] Le Pov [Illegal Cliff Party Guy aka Likewise] BUMP LOUNGE CLAIRE MORGAN Bump DJs Selen Parman DJ Supereverything STRAWBERRY DISCO TERRACE KALI Better Days Disco Not Disco Brut 33 [Paradise Lost] Lost Costness $25 (presale) $5 off for guest list. Industry wankers usually get in free or a discount. If you can convince us that you are doing something cool that has some bartering power then maybe our very splendid elegant temptresses at the door, Tanya or Barbara or Zhenya might consider some barter induced discount........mwhahaha u better be good Lost Address The Cross Nite Club Above the Bourbon 24 Darlo Rd, King’s Cross Yours Finely and Recklessly, THE LOST BAGS Warren, Wade, Murat & Simon