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  • Blk|market Membership & Star Spangled join forces for THREE's birthday celebration Three – Half man, half machine. Jumping sheep. Ex-ROBOTS resident, now New York's own hallucination, Three never fails to push the limits of his sound. That's why we like him and have asked him to be part of our family because we feel its special. It's his birthday, too. Star Spangled and four-twenty... need we say more? Reverse Commuter - Hailing from Los Angeles, Ken Gibson is renown for projects like [a]pendics.shuffle, K.J. Gibbs and The Premature Wig. Fresh from the debut Reverse Commuter live set at Hallucination Limited / Pawn Shop during WMC -- tonight he'll be performing tracks from the forthcoming album on Hallucination Limited. Dennis Rodgers – Another machine, another inspiration with complete funk and no attitude. One of our other favorites, born and raised New Yorker seems to enjoy his spare time as a bass fisherman. No, we did not say bass as in the sound that comes out of your speakers, but bass like the fish. We welcome Dennis to the Blk|market family as a new quarterly resident. STAR SPANGLED star spangled. this, that and the other. it is what it isn't. you snooze you lose. who needs a spring day in nyc when we have the depths of Love? just pretend it's a boat party. at night. with better sound. and Fraggle Rock. you can dance if you want to. its three's birthday (again). i wanna dance with somebody. dance, dance, dance. if you don't somebody will. flashdance. multiple mirrors. black market robots. one louder. limited hallucinations. come early. you'll see. leave early. you'll feel. come late. you'll know. come again. four-twenty. goo goo ga joob. everything starts with an E. you'll love it. borderline cases. you'll hate it. mostly brilliant. new york city uber alles. i'd rather smoke grass. love is the drug. sunday best. monday pests. higher than the sun. oh say i can't see... star spangled. SUNDAY APRIL 20TH STAR SPANGLED & BLK|MARKET MEMBERSHIP present: THE FOUR-TWENTY SESSION (In Celebration of Three's Bday) THREE REVERSE COMMUTER (aka [a]pendics.shuffle) DENNIS RODGERS TAIMUR+FAHAD 4PM TO MIDNIGHT?? Tickets available at: *Limited advance tickets available while stocks last. LOVE 179 MacDougal St @ West 8th St. 212.477.LOVE lights by Liz Liguori sounds by GSA
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