Abstract presents Benoit & Sergio (Live)

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    Benoit & Sergio On Support Duties Thiago Black & Stevie Russell Funktion One Soundsystem added to the mix
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  • Abstract present Benoit & Sergio Benoit & Sergio don’t make dance tracks—they tell stories. In the Washington, DC duo’s music, a sense of place and narrative infuse their rhythms and melodies, transcending the confines of “tech-house” or “electronic pop” and entering a genre-free realm of cinematic imagery and visceral pleasures. Benoit & Sergio draw from influences mostly uncommon to the house-and-techno zeitgeist—bands like Talking Heads, Pavement, Roxy Music, Paul Simon—while keeping an ear towards electronic-music contemporaries like Isolee, Thomas Melchior, and Ricardo Villalobos. The resulting tracks pulse with hooks and atmosphere, proudly flying their creators’ freak flag while giving listeners a little something extra to dance about.
  • Abstract presents Benoit & Sergio (Live) - Flyer front
    Abstract presents Benoit & Sergio (Live) - Flyer back