Discovery with Free Magic, Faso, and Chris Costello

  • For this unique Discovery, we've decided to do a solid for the broke masses and have a free night at our home venue Glasslands. This month, they’re upgrading the house sound to a quad-point suspended system with 4 massive bandpass subs. This means better, louder, more even sound for the room. For us, this creates an opportunity to do a night free of charge without the need for hiring extra sound. We’ll be back to booking headliners next month on July 20th with Marcellus Pittman and Aaron Seigel of Detroit (owner of the impeccable and important FIT label/distro and co-composer of Omar S’s biggest hits of last year, Tonite and S.E.X.). Faso will be back from Berlin with all the records and inspiration he can carry to warm it up for some goddamn masters. This month, you’ll have a chance to hear the residents do their thing in the peak hours of the night on a brand new system with the new light installation under full control. If you haven’t seen it yet, you gotta check it out. There is nothing in the city like it. Our good friend and lovely Lovelight cohort Chris Costello will be setting the mood for the first leg of the night. This will be your first chance to pick up a copy of our new release by Analog Player’s Orchestra on beautiful red 7” vinyl. It’s a bit of a departure from the label’s previous material: a powerful vocal tune with impeccable instrumentation called Coule’Ba. Also at the merch table are screen printed posters of artwork from the first edition of Lovelight by Lindsay Todd, better known as House of Traps, incredible DJ, and the artist behind the gorgeous artwork seen on releases from the Firecracker and Unthank labels. They're gorgeous and handmade and from Scotland by an incredible artist so nab it. Gather up deepest darkest funk and let it out with with all your friends! See you soon, animals. Love, Joel, Jason, Ruth, and Damon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE PRICING STRUCTURE IS AS FOLLOWS: Free all night with RSVP or any of the following items: Childhood Photo* Jump Rope VHS Copy of Free Willy* Disco Ball Earrings (must be worn) Picture of your pet with DISCOVERY Record Sequin dress or vest (human disco ball) Ability to moonwalk Book of bad ideas Polaroid camera Talcum powder from the Loft still on your dancing shoes DEMF wristband *Physical photos are a must. We're trying to build a vibe wall guys. *Please note a DVD copy of Free Willy will not be accepted.
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