House Heaven 2008

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    Paul Lyons, John lenney Jnr, Richie V Live percussion DAYMO
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  • 2008 till 5am SATURDAYS. GLAM MEETS UNDERGROUND FOR A TRULY FABULOUS NIGHT. A PROPER NIGHT OUT. Always check the for each weeks listings. Wales’ best dance weekly. House Heaven was the talk of 2007. From zero to the one of the most visited club nights in Wales in just a few months. A true phenomenon. House Heaven has the well deserved reputation for great music, great people, great times - every time. Famous for playing and performing the best in uplifting dance music, new and old that will have you literally dancing your proverbial socks of. Everyone knows that House Heaven is where the music loving clubber comes first!!! What really makes House Heaven is the fantastic “congregation.” Beautiful girls, fun fellas. A great mix of fun, welcoming, exciting people out for a great night and who love a great party and wicked music. House Heaven blaized a trail Having had the likes of Judge Jules along with Time Flies, Cool House, SUMO, the Hippo Allstars alongside the fantastic House Heaven Team headed by Paul Lyons, John Lenney Junior (BBC), and renowned awesome live percussionist Daymo. The house heaven team with the hand picked residents Richie V (Radio One Extra) and Alex Gorman deliver the very best truly excellent Welsh musical talent that is literally second to none. HOUSE HEAVEN- THE RESURRECTION-The second coming. The new season for 2008. This time we have invested much more and crafted the club to completely enhance your clubbing experience. A new dance floor with the literally the best and biggest system in Cardiff to give superb, beautiful clear sound. After the £1m+ refit, the first House Heaven refit, the venue has now been made even better. Two full floors, not just rooms, refitted booths, and wonderful new chill out area. The now famous dark room has been refitted, refloored, redocorated and is ready for another season. The awesome sound system completely refurbed. It’s ready……………… And now new entire storey with a new dance floor with the literally the best and biggest system in Cardiff to give superb, beautiful clear sound. With the House Heaven Team, the very best in live percussion and the awesome congregation. You will absolutely love it, I promise. See you there. HOUSE HEAVEN TEAM.
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