Colony Summer Rave

  • Returning to Corsica Studios for our second bite of the pie this year and [drum roll] our third Summer Rave on the trot, we've assembled what, we reckon, is about the most balls-out destructive Colony line-up to date, spanning house, techno, electro, acid, 'ardcore, jungle, D&B and all kinds of mutant in-betweenness primed to set the dancefloor ablaze - or at least bits of it. And we're keeping things cordially cheap, as per, for maximal all cru vibes, so no excuses for sleeping on this one, people! Headlining rooms 1 and 2 respectively are two of the UK's most respected techno/bass carnage-merchants: Perc and Untold. Both are cherished past guests, Perc a close ally and regular Colony participant over recent years, Untold one of our first major bookings and a man we've been itching to bring back ever since. Both have made truly heavyweight contributions to the UK dance music canon, Perc in the form of gnarly, ever-annihilating industrial/noise techno variants, Untold via a series of continuum-infected mutations currently lying somewhere between swashbuckling techno and jungled-up house. And both have released with the biggest labels in the game - R&S, Kompakt and Soul Jazz, to name but a few - plying their trade(s) here, there and everywhere and generally smashing it up hardstyle in the process. Expect murderous (and, perhaps, contrasting...) sets from them. Another stone cold UK badman and three-time Colony dance slayer (you're beginning to spot the theme, right?) is Marlon Sterling aka Equinox, whose operations at the bleeding edge of drumfunk jungle have never failed to blow us away - he'll be doing something a bit different on this occasion, and we'll leave it at that. Joining him on the front line is the man like Radioactive Man, a legend of the British electro(nica) scene whose seminal early releases with Andrew Weatherall as Two Lone Swordsmen, blazing Control Tower emissions and recent Wang Trax head-spinners add up to one helluva body of work, and who's finally making his Colony debut - yes please. Over in room 2, meanwhile, Brizzle's Joe Cowton aka Kowton - another of our very favourite people - will be making some head-wreckingly tuff (and very possibly just plain lovely) house noises a la his recent output for Hessle, Keysound and Livity (Sound), labels which demand attention and command respect. The evening's live action will be plentiful, varied and exclusive: Anodyne flies over from Ireland for a super-rare A/V PA which, if you're at all familiar with his dark-as-fuck, 'ardcore-infused back-catalogue (and you should be!), promises to fry brains and cave cones in the most immersive and crushing of fashions; keeping things suitably oldmeetsnew-skool, Posthuman - whose Seed Records, Balkan Vinyl and I Love Acid operations have made a hefty ol' mark over the years - will be dropping in for an hour of jacking 4/4 biz, also with visuals in sync; and our good mates Simon Lynch and Johnny Oakley are all set to debut their analogue-to-the-bone Kawn project, which will boom, bounce and bleep your fekkin' heads right off, trust. Supporting on the night, Double O will be bringing the Rupture-good-for-ya-structure flavours with pure and undiluted DnB/jungle badness, hot on the heels of killer wares for his and (the sadly absent) Mantra's self-owned Rupture imprint. The Quietus lug yet more smoking vinyl down for a no doubt raucous early-doors room 2 selection, while Strepsil, another of our closest cohorts, joins bass-heavy dots in room 1, alongside Colony's own Tengui and MB & CB, opening and closing respectively. All of this on slamming F-One sound at our out-and-out favourite space in the capital, for no more than a tenner. See you down there. [-]
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