Lost Baggage feat. Lützenkirchen (Greatstuff)

  • UNDERWATER WRONGNESS MEETS BAGGAGE LOSTNESS!!!!!!!! As the Beatles once said…… “I want to be…….. under the sea…….. in an Octopussy’s garden in the shade!!!!!” BLIB BLIB BLIB BLIB BLIB BLIB BLIB BLIB <b>Lost Baggage presents UNDERWATER SLAUGHTER</b> RIGHT FOLKS, here is ur chance to SUBMERGE your senses and dive your techno frivolities in to the deepest darkest depths of the mystery of the seas & oceans. Magnificent MERMAIDS and Octagonal OCTOPII UNITE!!!!! WO BIST DU? In AUGUST we convert the environs of our famed little CROSS CLUB in to an underwater world that will dazzle ur aquatic senses. THE BAGS are out to immerse their retarded wicked LOST selves in to some long time UBER SCUBA SCANDALS and we need YOUR help. WE MAKE BIG SICK TECHNO PARTY JAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! DAS IST GUT!!!!!!!! Ummmm dress ideas now….. you could well come as a MINKY whale wrap in some tasty French Dressing or a cute clubbed seal on a supermodels back or perhaps perhaps even a Japanese Whale Hunter with no conscience at all. The options are endless really as endless as the bounds of your imagination……have a lil think but basically just come as ya plain old FISHY self with an underwater twist, like a diving bell on your head or a vision of a NEMO fish on acid…..mmm get the drift…. BLIB BLIB AND FINALLY, how bout a lineup to get you wetter than an OTTER’S POCKET? <b>MAIN ROOM</b> LUTZENKIRCHEN [GREAT STUFF – Germany] EMERSON TODD [Lost Baggage Resident] MURAT KILIC [ Lost Baggage Resident] VIRGINA LE [MELB] Jay Smalls vs Trinity <b>BUMP LOUNGE</b> DEFINED BY RHYTHM | BUMP DJS | JIMMI JAMES | JAMES TT <b>STRAWBERRY DISCO TERRACE</b> DISCO NOT DISCO | SAVE FREAKS | JAMES STENNER | HARRY SOUNDS LOST COSTNESS $25 (presale) $5 off for guest list. Industry wankers usually get in free or a discount. If you can convince us that you are doing something cool that has some bartering power then maybe our very splendid elegant temptresses at the door, Tanya or Barbara or Zhenya might consider some barter induced discount........mwhahaha u better be good LOST ADDRESS The Cross Nite Club (Above the Bourbon) 24 Darlo Rd, King’s Cross Yours Finely and Recklessly, THE LOST BAGS Warren, Wade, Murat & Simon <b>Lützenkirchen</b> - since he started spinning the decks one and a half years ago he played all over the world including hong kong, japan, middle and south america, skandinavia, the uk, across whole europe, the eastern countries and russia. - his remixes, same as his own productions remain top level quality. even with his unbelievable output. and even getting more and more attention in the electronic scene in every country of the world. - he is one of the very few guys in the scene that is able to produce and deliver top-notch tracks in virtually every aspect of style in todays electronic music. - he himself is straight techno from the bottom of his heart. No phun intended.
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