Sonic Dimension 2

  • Sonic Dimension 2 Originated in 1992 on the East Coast of the U.S. Shadowcast Organization after being very active since and was involved in the early rave scene in New York City, especially with and deeply inspired by the Brooklyn Storm Rave Movement and Sonic Groove Records and it‘s collective of historically significant DJ‘s. Discovered Berlin and Paris in 2005, with the first Sonic Dimension taking place at the Berghain/Kantine. which is the smaller more intimate building located behind and connected to the now legendary venue. After shocking 9/11 they moved to San Francisco and started to include Contemporary Art ( New Media, Digital, Interactive, Installation, Performance and Street Art ) into the event situation, in order to bring subverive and experimental ideas to Electronic Music events and to help push for the survival of the culture under such difficulties of that time. Today residing in Berlin and occasionally active in Paris. the spirit of those early days has long been alive in the strategy of Shadowcast.Organization and stands for going back to the roots of the underground philosophy that surrounded Electronic Music in the D.I.Y culture of the early 90's worldwide Rave scenes. This idea aspires to facilitate going on to the next step into the future of and creation of new concepts in sub cultural events with keeping the inspiration of the past well intact. Shadowcast.Organization has a very special event coming to Magdalena with the second edition of Sonic Dimension on June 29th. It would be beyond practical scope to write a full story about every artist and every special detail,so we are highlighting some of the peaks to write about more explicitly and have links and content on the facebook event page in reference to everyone involved for your further investigation. The event will start earlier in the evening, with an Electronic Music workshop that will be an introductory level demonstration of Analog Modular Systems presented by the well acclaimed and globally recognized Berlin based company, Schneidersladen and Modular Systems expert, Richard Scott. Following the workshop there will be a imporv performance on a Modular System by various artist. We could get no one more substantial than Wolfgang Flür, who's name gets into everybody's mind with Techno avant-garde superband Kraftwerk as he was a band member during the band's golden age, from the 1975 Autobahn tour to the years after 1986's Electric Café. Playing the first E-Drums in music culture, he nowadays concentrates on sound and video performance predominated by classic Kraftwerk material. To give further and deeper reference to the history of electronic music and the connection between Detroit artist and the birth of Techno and the influence of the band Kraftwerk on those early pioneers of the sound and to get some Detroit flavor into Magdalena, Underground Resistance members Mark Flash and a secret guest to be announced are coming direct from Detroit and will be a major contribution to this tremendous line up, appearing as the Underground Resistance DJ Assault Squad on the main floor. Underground Resistance call themselves the baddest group of sonic electronic warriors in the world and will fight with you for a longliving underground movement on this special occasion and beyond, in the true style that is pure UR/Detroit with absolutely no compromises. Stellar Contemporary Techno artist Skirt and Ventress are the next to mention alongside Dino Sabatini, Ascion and P.E.A.R.L. Ascion is doing a live performance and in another area, Industrial Techno duo Northern Structures and Ken Karter are both playing live as well, alongside the rare appearance of DJ Udo Weissmann of the well established label, Hands Productions and one half of the Industrial act Winterkälte. E.Claypool and DJ RWM make introductions with E playing live while RWM is scheduled to close out the entire event, after all performances are finished with a marathon all vinyl DJ set. and all are bringing you near to industrial and experimental sounds. This area is juxtaposed by Aoki Takamasa, coming to the event with a brand new record release, with Senking in support, to put a focus on the Raster-Noton label. The Raster-Noton artist will also play live and will be accompanied by a special video production. The second floor will be stomped by Legendary U.K. artist Tim Taylor presenting the new launch of his label, Missile Records 2.0, as well as a special appearance by Old School veteran and Berlin favorite Savas Pascalidis. Stereo Jack, Sebastian Kremer, who are Magdalena residents, sneak in a spot and Singer and Electronic Music composer Daniela La Luz will be performing a live set aimed at the dance floor. Friedrichshain kiez favorites Swinka and Eduardo will go back to back to set the mood of the night in this room. * * * LIGHT ART PROJECTS are also making a major contribution. They develop and realise unique audio-visual shows, light concepts for B2B events, festivals and club performances plus facade projections and 3D video mappings. For SONIC DIMENSION 2 they present the fabulous team of & Stebbing Visual Arts to show some mind blowing live visuals accompanying all acts at Magdalenas main stage. This stage will be mapped with a custom built geometrical volume with 2 high end video projectors The content will be audio reactive 2D and 3D minimal immersive (environment dynamics) and they prepare a special show for each one of the headliners which will always be different and always in interaction with the music. They have already done visuals with and for artists like Juan Atkins, Derrick May & Kevin Saunderson, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Ben Klock, Vince Watson and many more. will be joined by U.K. based artist Juan Hurle during the opening set on the main floor by P.E.A.R.L. area 3 - VJTEA - FAX - *** This event is about the history and origins of Electronic Music in its many forms, where it is now, especially in regards to advanced Techno and where it is going as it evolves further and further into the future. This event is about creating alternatives to what is already strongly present within our culture. To offer something new and innovative by putting a strong focus on the music and including extraordinary Contemporary Art within the video and digital arts medium. This event is about education and exploring possibilities in the creation of the electronic sound. This event is about YOU. Together we can step into the future, not only united in sound and a stimulating environment but also with our hearts to build something that hopefully leads to the experience of something, never experienced before. Join us on our journey!
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