Resident Advisor & Mutual Dreaming present Pan_act Terrence Dixon/Sensational & Koyxen

  • Mutual Dreaming & Resident Advisor present: PAN_ACT After a two month hiatus touring Europe, Mutual Dreaming is back for another massive warehouse party! Teaming up with Resident Advisor, we're proud to present a showcase curated by Berlin label PAN as part of their two-week PAN_ACT Festival now taking over NYC & Boston. Lauded by many publications as one of the top labels of 2012, PAN's roster runs the gamut between raw experimental dance music, thick drones and heady electronic composition. This very special lineup is co-headlined by two rare live performances: Detroit's impressionistic techno auteur Terrence Dixon will be joined by a full band that includes original members of Ghetto Tech & Vigilante records, and 90s hip hop cult legend Sensational will rap atop the lopsided hypnotic breakbeats of Japan's NHK'Koyxen. Known for a solo career that followed a teenage stint with the Jungle Brothers in their prime, Sensational's recent rebirth includes collaborations with Madteo, Kassem Mosse, Sex Tags Mania and others. And DJing are two artists from deep within Berlin's underground, Call Super and DJ Richard, who runs the emerging label White Material. 〉LIVE SETS BY: Terrence Dixon (Population One - Metroplex / Tresor / Detroit) Sensational & Koyxen (Jungle Brothers / NHK - PAN / WordSound / Skam / NYC & Japan) 〉DJ SETS BY: Call Super (Houndstooth / Fabric / Berlin) DJ Richard (White Material / Berlin) -TERRENCE DIXON- Impressionistic, shifting textures & churning machines inhabit the unique sonic landscape in the world of Terrence Dixon. The Detroit native started releasing records in the early 90s, both under his own name and as Population One for Motor City labels Metroplex (founded by 'Godfather of Techno' Juan Atkins), Utensil, and others. Of his many releases that followed, I especially love the pair of kaleidoscopic LPs “Far From The Future” Parts 1 & 2, released over a decade apart on Tresor. This music pulses deep atmosphere, sensual mystery and hallucinatory percussion. Says Dixon: "'From The Far Future' is all about respecting those who came before me, respecting the art of pure Techno, taking bits and pieces of what's old and making it new once again." For this performance he is backed by a band of live electronic veterans – this will be quite special. -SENSATIONAL & NHK'KOYXEN- We're very excited for our first hip hop project at Mutual Dreaming, and its a psychedelic one. Skewed and slurred MC Sensational began in the early 90s as a teenage backup dancer and sometimes rapper under the alias Torture for NYC's hip-house pioneers Jungle Brothers. He quickly moved to a solo career that has taken him through the darkest corners of 90s experimental rap with innovative & otherworldly weed-laced beats & vocals. Prefiguring the recent wave of lofi hypnogogia by about a decade, he produced beats on drum machines and a four track tape machine, becoming a talismanic figure for experimental US hip hop, from Def Jux to Anticon and the 'illbient' genre, and released albums on one of the era's key labels, Wordsound. He then shifted into an adventurous third chapter, collaborating with legendary avant-garde German composer Stockhausen [“I was hi :)”], Japanese experimentalist NHK'Koyxen, and most recently with house renegades Madteo, Kassem Mosse, & Sotofett of Sex Tags Mania. NHK' Koyxen, real name Kouhei Matsunaga, has also been active since the early 90s, and his outlier take on hip hop, breakbeat, dance & noise electronics has led him to collaborations with Merzbow, Autechre's Sean Booth and other badass experimenters through the years. Together, the music of Sensational & Koyxen is as twisted and hypnotic as you'd imagine. Not to be missed. -CALL SUPER - Swaying from the lean and muscular edges of techno to the fractured palette of electronica and rough electro, Call Super's productions share a tendency towards the live and informal. The Berlin-based producer's debut EP Staircase found immediate support from a host of techno, house and bass heads including Ben UFO, Renaissance Man, Jackmaster, Andrew Weatherall, Braiden and Tim Goldsworthy, and he was chosen to launch Fabric’s first in-house label, Houndstooth. LWE describes his tracks as soundscapes where “delayed, decayed melodies glisten with the sheen of burnt, broken glass” atop “sinewy kick drums rapping out a blood-rushing pulse against the arsenal of rhythmic machinery noise and post-punk atmosphere.” -DJ RICHARD - DJ Richard co-runs the up and coming label White Material, which pushes a rough “no bullshit” techno agenda. Reared on Providence noise, and now based in Berlin, DJ Richard is an active DJ on the underground Berlin scene and an emerging producer as well, whose 12” 'Leech' is by turns emotional, ominous, banging and raw in a way that BK residents will certainly recognize. 285 Kent Ave 10PM-4AM $15 presale & before 12AM, $18 after TIX @ Part of PAN_ACT Festival with ISSUE Project Room & Goethe-Institut NY
  • Resident Advisor & Mutual Dreaming present Pan_act Terrence Dixon/Sensational & Koyxen - Flyer front
    Resident Advisor & Mutual Dreaming present Pan_act Terrence Dixon/Sensational & Koyxen - Flyer back