Techno Gipsy Sunday Sessions#2: Groove and Sound

  • Back in 1989, when the first issue of the Groove magazine was released in West Germany, there were two cities in Berlin and USSR was still there. At the same time in Frankfurt one of the techno saints Sven Väth led the stronghold of techno music, the Omen club. In Russia though, then the biggest country in the world, provincial pop discos became popular, and the nation's heros were the likes of faith healers Chumak and Kashpirovsky whose fake sessions were broadcasted on national TV stations. Groove magazine started off as a fanzine and has been issued monthly for 24 years so far. During this time, it has become one of the most respectable media in electronic dance music. With their first trace on the land of the biggest country in the world, Groove gets supported by the promo crew of "Techno Gipsy", Moscow, in organizing their debut party there. Groove Magazine is coming to Russia in order to bring in the spirit of Berlin club events - those that were depicted vividly in Tobias Rapp's book "Lost and Sound: Berlin, techno und der easyJet". It's Russian version is going to be presented quite soon. The main figures of the forthcoming event are worth seeing since they are pioneers of the Berlin club scene. There is Gabor Dchablitzki, the member of Wighnomy Brothers duo and a notable solo act, better known as Robag Wruhme. There is Nick Höppner, Berghain resident and the former owner of the renowned Ostgut Ton label. An adequate company is going to join from the Russian side. Expected are: the live performance of the famous Russian drum'n'bass project Electrosoul System Live, which even includes a bayan player in the band, plus DJ Hoopa from St.Petersburg, who is faithful to deep sounds, and the techno adept from the Siberian city of Omsk, Unbalance, who is familiar with Berlin as the second center of techno music.
  • Techno Gipsy Sunday Sessions#2: Groove and Sound - Flyer front