Playhouse pres.: Warhol’s Unfinished Symphony Day 1

  • Der Startschuss zum langen Playhouse/ Klang Elektronik Weekender. Am Freitag bekommen Ata und Heiko allerdings noch Verstärkung von einem anderen Label: Spectral Music aus Ann Arbour, Michigan, USA. Die schicken den Neu-Berliner Schweden Pär Grindvik und den in Helsinki lebenden Finnen Sami Koivikko ins Rennen. Grindvik gehört auch zur Drumcode-Bande um Adam Beyer, sein Set zur Drumcode-Nacht im Berghain gehörte für viele zum Highlight der Nacht: sequenzieller, minimaler Techno mit Noise-Einschüben und zwitschernden Bleeps. Massiv pumpend wird auch der Live-Act von Koivikko, der auf seinen Platten auf Spectral, Ostgut Ton, liebe*detail oder Shitkatapult bisher viele verschiedene Technospielarten unter einen Hut bringen konnte. This smells like conspiracy. Musical borders morphed together. It´s not the question anymore who inspired, who influenced whom. It all happened on the Axis of techno, house & disco music from Detroit to Germany, back and forth. It´s a street which is busy for more than 25 years now. What can be ensured is honest, unique and concrete dancemusic and a sweaty dancefloor. That´s what simply each label and every single artist have to offer. This is the invitation to explore the sound of class 2008! "We are tremendously excited to be working with an institution like Playhouse. I can still recall hearing artists like Isolee, Alter Ego and Losoul for the first time and Rework's "Loin De Moi" was the theme hit of Matthew Dear and Ryan Elliott's weekly party in Ann Arbor for three years. The music of Playhouse has distinct character and seamlessly blends house, techno and disco in a tasteful way that we attempt as well. We believe the combination of our artists will yield some amazing parties." Sam Valenti (Spectral Sound) “We’ve all been big fans of Ghostly and Spectral from day one. It’s great when unique and visionary music comes in a great package with tasty artwork. The fantastic Ghostly logo was always standing out of the other records around and it was always keeping promises in quality for everything recorded under that imprint. When we met for the first time and found out that we seem to inspire each other musicwise on both ends it was an obvious consequence that we should join forces one day and team up for some good parties together. Be a witness when we are slammin the floors together for the first time in history." Heiko MSO (Playhouse)
  • Playhouse pres.: Warhol’s Unfinished Symphony Day 1 - Flyer front