Ubermax 2nd Birthday with Doc Martin B2B DJ Three, Dan Beaumont, Sigmund K

  • Doc Martin and DJ Three come together on September 27th at Duke's for a celebration of 2 years of Ubermax. These two legendary DJs will meet behind the decks for the first time in their careers to play an extended back-to-back set, marking their only London appearance in 2013. We expect magic to ensue inside Duke's as these two play. Joining them on the line-up will be DSS/Dance Tunnel one and only Dan Beaumont and resident Sigmund K. Expect a few more surprises as your hosts for the evening pull out all the stops for this monumental night. Ubermax is not your typical brand of party, but it is certainly better than you can even imagine. Over the past 2 years Ubermax has quickly established itself as the preeminent party for forwarding thinking dance music in East London, attracting a chic crowd of hedonists bound together by a love for music and a true appreciation for the artists at the forefront of the scene. Past artists including Oskar Offermann, Moodymanc, Hunee, Sei A, Medlar, Kevin McKay, DJ Steaw and Cottam among others. Doc Martin needs no introduction as he has set the standard for what it means to be a DJs DJ over the past 20 years. As an expert selector who is capable of infusing various styles of music into a set Doc Martin puts the music first, eschewing hype while aiming present something new every time he steps up to the decks. Doc started his career as a staple of west coast clubs and one of the godfathers of the scene in California. Today he continues to pour his passion into life as a DJ with a touring schedule that has taken him around the globe countless times. He is a DJ admired by his peers for his talent and passion for the music, the scene, and the dance floor. This fact might be highlighted best by recounting DJ Three’s reaction when the Ubermax team approached him about playing back-to-back with Doc. DJ Three exclaimed with admiration that he “would pay to play back-to-back with Doc for a night.” And well, as for DJ Three, Lee Curtiss (Visionquest) explains him best: "In the years I've known Chris Milo, AKA DJ Three, there has never been a night I've watched him play or a mix that I've heard him botch. Chris always has a way of turning any room into his party. Whether he's early doors or closing the main room, he always has the perfect mix of what's current seamlessly alongside my favorite records from memory past. He's the epitome of the DJ's DJ, and a fun dude to hang out with in general, something a lot of Djs don't put enough stock in at times. Chris has survived through several blurry generations of electronic music—from the rave days to the most cutting-edge of parties being thrown right now. His appreciation for music runs deeper than almost anyone I've met and it's nearly impossible to stump him with music knowledge. From the back stories on Led Zeppelin album covers, to the greatest indie or shoegaze bands that time forgot, to the first dub productions ever recorded, Mr. Milo will describe at length the most minuscule details of the who, what, where and when of nearly any genre of music and recording. In a world of one-dimensional DJs and producers, there's no other person I would trust to play completely appropriately at both the main room of fabric or my wedding reception. To me, a great DJ is a true music enthusiast and connoisseur with the arsenal, knowledge and ability to know what to play (and when to play it). Chris hasn't let me down yet." The Ubermax 2nd Birthday party with Doc Martin and DJ Three will be held at the beautifully remodelled Duke's Place, a dedicated dance venue complete with advanced lighting effects and a perfectly tuned Funktion-One soundsystem.
  • Ubermax 2nd Birthday with Doc Martin B2B DJ Three, Dan Beaumont, Sigmund K - Flyer front