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    Sneaky Kreeps [Edit Recs] Robosapiens [Edit Recs / Dead Famous Recs] Vital Substance [Edit Recs] Mcqueen [Technique / Social / Edit Recs] Richie Balboa [Social / Nsb / Diverted Traffic] Mark Pearse [Social] Waxjellyfish [Social]
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  • Hot on the heels of the roaring success of SOCIAL'S 1st birthday party, get ready for the next event of 2008...this FREE PARTY will be coming your way on FRIDAY APRIL 4TH at BAR VINYL in camden.... for this party SOCIAL will be hosting a showcase for emerging breakbeat label EDIT RECORDS, which will be the launch party for their forthcoming release featuring remixes from label boss JAKE HALLS under his DHD guise and from SOCIAL & TECHNIQUE's very own McQUEEN! The event is FREE and will run until 1am, and for this party the SOCIAL residents are going to be turning in special alternative dj sets...don't know about mark and holly yet but as far as we've heard so far this means funk and hip hop from BALBOA and rock, punk, indie and grebo from McQUEEN... currently gaining recognition and getting airplay from ANNIE NIGHTINGALE on RADIO ONE and JAY CUNNING on KISS FM as well as props from across the scene, EDIT records are on the way up and their forthcoming release features two remixes by DHD and McQUEEN of 'DON'T BE FOOLED' by the band BELLADONNA, out late april.... you can listen to McQUEEN'S remix here: and you can check out EDIT RECORDS on myspace here: pics from the birthday party last weekend are here:
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