Blkmarket Membership presents Mobilee Showcase

  • Mobilee records launched in 2005 and quickly established itself as one of the brightest new stars within Berlin’s glittering galaxy of electronic music labels, producers and DJs. Founded and owned by Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann, the label boasts a sound that is simultaneously familiar and innovative. Rooted in the classic structures of house and techno, mobilee has harnessed the triple threat approach: its records reference vintage dancefloor minimalism, engage with like-minded contemporaries, and suggest surprising new directions for familiar forms. mobilee celebrated its fifth year in 2010, and marked the milestone with a tour that crossed all six continents, and with the Hi Five mobilee compilation that featured 16 exclusive tracks from mobilee artists and friends. The anniversary not only highlighted five successful years of the label, but served as a testament to the vision, passion, and love of music that continues to drive the extended mobilee team in all that they do, and all that will come. More than any particular stylistic hallmark, surprise is the defining characteristic of mobilee’s releases: rhythm becomes a game while drumbeats and synth squiggles serve as playing chips, puzzle pieces, and rolling dice. mobilee’s palette is broad, and bright; you simply won’t find better sounding records, from the deepest sub-bass to the most crystalline highs; no matter the sound source, from grinding machines to digital glitches, the groove is paramount. Anja Schneider's dubby, laid-back cuts are as quietly compelling as Pan-Pot's anthems are immediate. While strings and horns somersault through the grass with Sebo K and And.Id, Marcin Czubala's smoky voices throw shadows across the darkest corners of the club, and Rodriguez Jr. gazes skywards, through a kaleidoscope of melodic colour. Aspiring to be more than merely a manufacturer of simple DJ tools, mobilee publishes music full of finely tuned hooks and hypnotic depths, the stuff of today’s charts and tomorrow’s classics. mobilee is committed to facing the realities of rapid change within the music industry, and adapts to technological and cultural transformations through a continual process of re-invention. More a fully-fledged company than just a traditional record label, mobilee looks towards an integrated clubbing experience, bringing label management, booking, publishing, press and artist studios together under one roof, while placing an explicit primacy on developing and utilizing innovative modes of promotion for its artists. With a focus on label showcases, such as the annual drawcard event at Barcelona’s Hotel Silken Diagonal during Soñar, mobilee is committed to developing its roster—the core of whom are booked and managed by the label itself. The famed Soñar rooftop parties that have featured all-star casts of mobilee artists alongside co-operations with labels like Spectral Sound, Rekids, Mothership, Diynamic and Supplement Facts, are just one example of the unique, forward-thinking philosophy of mobilee, and its attendant expansion as a music and entertainment enterprise. In addition to Anja Schneider, mobilee’s core artists include Sebo K, Pan-Pot, Miss Jools, Dan Curtin, Marcin Czubala, Ralf Kollmann, Hector, Martin Landsky and live acts Exercise One, And.Id and Rodriguez Jr., and their extensive release catalogue includes productions from artists such as Daniel Stefanik, Maya Jane Coles, Miss Kittin, Vincenzo, Dapayk Solo, Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro, Jennifer Cardini & Shonky and many more.
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