Sandy Rivera, Danny Rampling, Mr. V - A Nervous Event

  • SANDY RIVERA BIOGRAPHY Moniker(s) / Kings of Tomorrow, KOT Hailing from the music-fuelled streets of Brooklyn in earlier years, Sandy’s formative beginnings were consumed with a passion for the sounds assaulting his ears on a daily basis. Spanish funk, hip-hop beats, early electro and the burgeoning explosion of house captivated his attention and led him away from the sidewalk towards the dark and smoky halls of some of the world’s greatest clubs. For most, it was Sandy’s modern day 2000 classic Finally as one half of Kings of Tomorrow that bought him to their attention. Featuring the vocals of Julie McKnight, the dialogue between a dead woman and God transformed through Sandy’s production into one of the most revered house tracks of all time. Licensed to a staggering 164 compilations (and counting…) it remains to this day at the top of many people’s ‘all time favourite’ lists. It was seven years prior to Finally that a chance meeting with the legendary Burt Bacharrach led to Sandy’s foray into full time production. With funding from the man behind countless hit records of his own and an obvious eye for talent, Sandy set up Blackwiz Records and released tracks such as D’Menace, Fade II Black, Open Your Mind, My Love Is Real, Young Hearts and countless others in a prolific spurt of creativity. Come Into My Room, released on Sandy’s other imprint DEEPVISION spawned a new strand of electro disco-house sound, soon found to be infiltrating the works of everyone from EBTG (Tracey In My Room) to commercial big-hitters like Kylie Minogue. Sandy’s solo work is equally as ferocious. Expansions, Class Is In Session, Changes, I Can’t Stop, Just Won’t Do, Lollipop, Freak, Deeper and more recently Persuasion, Escape and Dirty Sax have lit up airwaves and dance floors the world over. With three long-players under his belt – The Calling (1997), It’s In The Lifestyle (2000) and Trouble (2005) – his body of work shows the depth and scope of his ability to work across numerous genres, pulling in house, soul, R&B and chill-out. Since the release of Trouble, Sandy has turned his hand to various compilations – including Ministry of Sound Sessions and Kings Of Tomorrow Defected ITH – and has a magnitude of production credits on tracks and mixes for the likes of Craig David, Moby, Fedde le Grand and Everything But The Girl. Away from the plug-ins, knobs and other countless buttons that proliferate his mixing desk, it’s on the dance floor where Sandy reigns supreme. Playing to both the underground and the overground, demand for his timeless abilities has never been higher. His blend of uplifting house, chilled tech-beats, funked-up rhythms and the ability to drop down into the depths of grinding progressive house make him one of the most versatile and natural artists in the world. With the second decade of the 21st century upon us, the name Sandy Rivera means more than just a collection of records – more than just ‘house’. It means a legendary sound split across different genres, breaking boundaries and making people listen. It’s the anticipation for what’s next, the wait for whatever tracks are just around the corner. He is without doubt the King of Tomorrow and the master of yesterday – he is Sandy Rivera. DANNY RAMPLING BIOGROAPHY Danny Rampling's name is synonymous with dance music, from pioneering and been an integral part of dance culture, to a successful radio and producing career to constant DJ appearances at top nights around the globe, Danny Rampling is not a name we can easily forget. It all started off at the very tender age nine, when Danny realised his music inclination and started his first record collection. He left school early to follow what he was so passionate about, his music. After various half hearted attempts at careers, it was always the music he went back to. He started off carrying record boxes and playing hip hop, funk and soul at bars and clubs around London, often helping out old timer Nicky Holloway, with his nights. Then in 1986 a group of the then young DJs, Paul Oakenfold, Nicky Holloway and Danny visited Ibiza and discovered the intoxicating Balearic sound of the sunny Spanish island. Spiritually inspired by this music, Danny decided to bring it back to the UK. Little did he realise what he and a handful of others were about to begin, over a decade of global dance culture which is showing no signs of quietening. It was in 1987 that he opened the doors to his club Shoom back in his home town London, where he played this new sound and started the innovative lifestyle that was to follow. Shoom was soon elevated to myth status, as were most of Danny's ventures. From breaking acid house at Shoom he then lead the way, other clubs following suit, to a more glamorous night. He opened Pure Sexy, a club notoriously remembered for its stringent door policies where only the fabulously fashionable and beautiful could enter. Besides playing in the clubs, Danny was nurturing and planting the seed for growth of dance music to a much wider audience through the FM airwaves at Kiss. It was through spinning alongside Kiss FM founder Gordon Mac, that Danny discovered a niche for his personal style and started up a weekly residency at the station. Danny is still making waves, more recently with his Lovegroove Dance Party show, every Saturday from 7pm to 9pm on Radio 1 which he joined in 1994. His show is reflective of the long journey he's travelled and he describes the deep vocal house and garage sound that he is presently known for, is a return to the source. It is a more relaxed and mature Danny playing a style he feels comfortable with after a long journey of constant transformation. Danny has mixed many successful albums, including a series of Love Groove Dance Party, along with a Decade of Dance, and more recently his UK/USA series on React with New York legend David Morales. Danny is a DJ who has resided at the top of the very dance movement he helped pioneer and transform himself. He has also had a chart hit with his track I am the music, hear me in 1993. Danny loves what he does. Musically he is a perfectionist always putting in a huge amount of energy and care. He says the music is in extension of his character and personality, an extension of his spirit that goes out to the people when he plays and is so inherent in the elevated vibe on the dance floor during one of Danny's sets. Danny has recently taken on 2 monthly residencies in the UK, which have been nothing short of fantastic. The first Saturday of the month is London Calling @ Turnmills in London, where Danny plays host to various guests from across the world. The last Saturday of the month is at Bed in Sheffield, which is growing to be one of the top nights in the north of England. MR. V BIOGRAPHY
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