• When the chilly wind sweeps through the night and the trees start to shake their branches - don’t defend yourself. Twirl your soul with the last withered leaves. Your uninhibited minds have to be hijacked! Revellers and likewise artistic geniuses of the day come together to stay at the knight’s flat. “And, you see, no one man owns house because house music is a universal language, spoken and understood by all.” The movements of everybody are bundled to exude the pure power. Be entranced in a monumental manner to feel boundless joy! Ada 'live (Pampa, Kompakt) Jay Shepheard 'live (Retrofit, Compost) San Soda (We Play House, FCL) Luca Lozano (Dirtybird, Klasse) Dairmount (Freerange, Room With A View) MUSK 'live (LGDZ, Isolated System) Nano Nansen (The Gym, Get Deep) Tim Vitá (Freude am Tanzen) All Jacks together!
  • Hijackin - Flyer front