Ruby Cult presents: Baikal & Baby G

  • Venue
    • Ritterstrasse 26; Kreuzberg; 10969 Mitte; Germany
  • Date
    Fri, 31 May 2013
    23:30 - 09:00
  • Promoter
    Ruby Cult
  • Attending
    • 68
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    Main Room Line up: *Baikal (Innervisions, Maeve) *Baby G (BPITCH CONTROL) *DéDé (Im Rausch mit Freunden) *Tom Dragebo (Resident) *Son of Ann (Resident) FRONT ROOM: *Shiva Child *Benjamin D´Amico *Dustin Evans *Victor Mantel Live Vj: *kolorklimax
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  • There has been a lot of hectic shit go down on May 31st over the years. Dr John Harvey Kellogg patented "flaked cereal", Taxis First began running in NYC, and Dr James Moore won the First ever-recorded bicycle race. However, despite how HUGE these life changing and historical events may have been, they have nothing on what Ruby Cult is about to throw your way. LINE UP: ONLY 5€ ENTRY ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!! ***** BAIKAL Baikal? What does he look like? Does he wear sneakers with jeans? Have a beard? Floss regularly? Is he good with children? WHO KNOWS? What we do know is this International man of mystery is playing for us, and we are fucking over the moon about it! This future SUPERSTAR may be fresh on the scene but already he has stamped his authority with the hit single “Why don’t ya” and remix of Ian Pooley’s “CompuRhythm”. Boasting releases on such labels as Innervisions and Maeve, come check this guy out for yourself and see what all the hype is about. ***** BabyG If something smells funky around here it’s probably BabyG, and it’s not the kind of funk where you need to take a bath either (Nina Kraviz). This disco diva has laid down some impressive foundations since embarking on her musical journey back in the mid 90’s, playing multiple times at venues such as Panorama Bar and Fabric. After travelling all around the world and edging out 15,000 other applicants to win a Red Bull Music Academy scholarship, she has finally decided to settle in Berlin where she has found a home as a part of BPitch Control collaborating with such artists as Radio Slave, Ellen Allien, and Damian Lazarus. She is pure class and we are unbelievably excited to have such a talent playing for us. ***** DéDé DèDè is a local berlin celebrity recognizable by his crazy vibes, personality, and cult following at many different venues around town. He is a guy that knows exactly what the crowd wants and never fails to deliver, dropping bombs from all angles. ***** Tom Dragebo (Ruby Cult Resident) You know what to expect from this guy, lurking in the shadows he is the driving force behind the Cult. A true legend in the making. ***** Son of Ann (Ruby Cult Resident) What a drop kick, but as it turns out drop kicks can spin.. and pretty well too. NEW ADDITION!!!!!!! FRONT ROOM: *Shiva Child *Benjamin D´Amico *Dustin Evans *Victor Mantel Live Vj: *kolorklimax
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