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  • Fourth and final announcement… Prurient, Tropic of Cancer, Regis presents Necklace Of Bites, Dalhous, Shampoo Boy (UK debut), Dva Damas, Raime (DJ set), Horsepower Productions, Felix K, Source Direct, Russell Haswell (HDJ set), Helena Hauff, A.D. Jacques, Chris Farrell, Luke Younger, Brian Not Brian. "Flight is many things. Something clean and swift, like a bird skimming across the sky. Or something filthy and crawling; a series of crablike movements through figurative and literal slime, a process of creeping ahead, jumping sideways, running backward." On Saturday 12th October, 2013, Blackest Ever Black - in association with BleeD - presents its third annual label showcase at Corsica Studios, London. Following the previous announcements of TROPIC OF CANCER, SHAMPOO BOY, SOURCE DIRECT, DALHOUS, FELIX K, DVA DAMAS, A.D. JACQUES, HORSEPOWER PRODUCTIONS, HELENA HAUFF, RUSSELL HASWELL, CHRIS FARRELL, LUKE YOUNGER and BRIAN NOT BRIAN, we can now reveal three final additions to the line-up, and major ones at that. *PRURIENT (LIVE)* Dominick Fernow will play live in London as Prurient - his most personal, fecund and long-standing project - for the first time since 2009. This short, vindictive set of power electronics will conclude Fernow's 2013 European tour, on which he has mainly appeared as Vatican Shadow, and it also belatedly marks the release of his Prurient album Through The Window, issued by Blackest Ever Black in February of this year. Not an option to miss this. *REGIS PRESENTS NECKLACE OF BITES (LIVE/DJ)* Having spontaneously re-formed the British Murder Boys for the inaugural Blackest Ever Black showcase in 2011, Karl O'Connor returned in 2012 to present the live debut of Concrete Fence (his collaborative project with Russell Haswell) and play an unscheduled DJ set. This year he'll close the event with Necklace Of Bites: a "disordered and resequenced" journey through 20 years of his productions. *RAIME* *(DJ)* Tom Halstead and Joe Andrews return from touring the US to play some records for us. In the spectrum of Raime DJ sets, you can expect this one to tend towards the unexpectedly ebullient, high-velocity old skool/hardcore side of things, at least if their 2012 showing was anything to go by. But only they know for sure. These three join the following previously announced live acts and DJs: **TROPIC OF CANCER (LIVE)** The solo project of LA’s Camella Lobo, with Taylor Burch joining for live performances, ToC appear in support of debut album Restless Idylls, produced by Karl O'Connor and due out on September 23. The band's relationship with BEB goes back to 2011 and the release of the the widely praised The Sorrow Of Two Blooms EP, and over the past three years Lobo has continued to refine and evolve her work; her songs of "romance, devotion, pain and helplessness" have never sounded so full, so poised, or so poignant as they do today; Restless Idylls is truly a work that transcends time, space and genre. This show, part of an extensive European tour, will be ToC's first headline appearance in the UK, and likely to be special. **SHAMPOO BOY (LIVE - UK DEBUT)** A new trio comprising old friends Peter Rehberg (Editions Mego, KTL), Christina Nemec and Christian Schachinger, Shampoo Boy issued its acclaimed debut album, *Licht*, on Blackest Ever Black earlier this year. On October 12 the Viennese group bring their distinct brand of electro-acoustic improvisation, miasmic psychedelia and nerve-shredding guitar doom to Corsica for their first ever UK live performance. **HORSEPOWER PRODUCTIONS (DJ)** One of London's finest selectors, and unquestionably one of the most influential producers of all time, Benny's reputation precedes him. His early 12"s and the two Horsepower LPs In Fine Style and To The Rescue reinvented garage for smokers and laid the foundations for dubstep: they remain sacred texts of underground club music, their inspired synthesis of breakbeat, 2step, techno and repurposed rare groove oft-imitated but never bettered. As anyone who's seen him play recently will attest, the owner of the most famous Sergio trackie top in music has never been in more assured form as a DJ, and it's a straight-up honour to have him involved **SOURCE DIRECT (DJ)** Following his rare headline appearance at last year's showcase, we're very pleased to welcome back the mighty, reclusive Jim Baker of Source Direct. A true auteur, the records Baker co-produced with Phil Aslett in the mid-late 1990s - not only as Source Direct but as Hokusai, Intensity, X-Files, Mirage, Sounds of Life and Oblivion, on labels like Metalheadz, Certificate 18, Odysee, Basement and their own SD imprint - constitute one of the most visceral, visionary bodies of work in all of jungle and drum-n-bass, and one that continues to exert a powerful hold over our imagination. **FELIX K (DJ) ** Long one of BEB's favourite producers, over the last half-decade Felix K has quietly reinvented drum 'n bass according to his own stringent, minimalist vision, primarily through his own Hidden Hawaii labels and limited edition 12" series such as QNS (Quantity Not Sufficient). Though he has released on Doc Scott's 31 Records among others, Felix remains an elusive and uncompromising figure; he joins us in London - his only scheduled appearance there this year - having just released his debut album, Flowers Of Destruction, a modern masterpiece of techno attacked at jungle tempo. **DALHOUS (LIVE)** Also performing live will be Dalhous, whose debut album An Ambassador For Laing was released by Blackest Ever Black earlier this year. The current incarnation of Edinburgh’s Marc Dall and Alex Ander, who previously recorded together as Young Hunting, Dalhous are architects of a pastoral psychedelia that taps into the British visionary tradition and incorporates elements of Isolationist electronics, noir jazz and intricately stacked, not-quite-industrial rhythm. In the words of The Wire, “a frequently beautiful music, whose often calm surface belies the powerful currents moving beneath it.” Their live sets are all-hardware, seance-like affairs making disorienting use of found film footage and forgotten relics of radical psychiatry. * *HELENA HAUFF (DJ)** Hauff seems to be getting a lot of attention all of a sudden, and if anything it's overdue. A resident at Hamburg's Golden Pudel club, her command of electro, acid and techno with dirt under its fingernails is captured nicely on Obscure Object, the limited edition mixtape she recorded for Blackest's Krokodilo Tapes imprint back in April. She's now also beginning to make a name for herself as a producer, with raw, Bunker-influenced releases on Wild Oats, Werk Discs and (collaborating with F/X as Black Lights) PAN. We haven't the faintest doubt that she'll blow the roof off Corsica. **DVA DAMAS (LIVE)** Dva Damas is Taylor Burch and Joseph Cocherell, with a rotating cast of live members that includes Josie Crowley, Zeke Gamil and Camella Lobo. Signed to Downwards by Juan Mendez (Silent Servant) in 2010, the Californian band released debut album Nightshade - a spiked stew of stark darkwave rock, DIY electronics and plangent Spaghetti Western atmospheres - on the label earlier this year. This is Dva Damas’s first confirmed gig on British soil. **RUSSELL HASWELL (HDJ)** Russell has played a key role in previous Blackest showcases, whether starting fights and stomping on valuable equipment (2011) or actually performing (with Karl O'Connor for the live debut of their Concrete Fence project, 2012). Collaborator with the likes of Merzbow, Autechre, Florian Hecker and Yasunao Tone, veteran of labels such as Editions Mego, Downwards, Warner Classical, Warp and No Fun Productions, Russell is extreme computer music personified. This year he'll be playing other people's music off his laptop: something he likes to call hard-disk-jockeying. **A.D. JACQUES (LIVE)** London-based Northerner A.D. Jacques spent fifteen years selling avant-garde LPs and recording his own music in secret before spending another ten years as a recluse. He made his live solo debut at the 2012 BEB showcase whilst disguised as a DJ, and will hopefully release something on the label when he gets round to it. **CHRIS FARRELL (DJ)** Graduate of Bristol's some most noted, now defunct record shops - among them Imperial, Replay and Rooted - Chris Farrell two years ago became proprietor of his own, Idle Hands, and the associated label of the same name. Though Idle Hands is primarily associated with house, Farrell's tastes roam wide - and numerous long nights of catholic listening with him in the mid-2000s had a profound impact on BEB. For this particular the best-dressed man in Stokes Croft will play a set of strictly reggae, dub and dancehall. **LUKE YOUNGER (DJ)** Best known for his work as Helm, whose most recent releases are Silencer (PAN, 2013), Impossible Symmetry (PAN, 2012) and Geneva Cave (Hospital Productions, 2012), Luke also operates the Alter label, home to releases by the likes of Damien Dubrovnik, Hieroglyphic Being, Liberez and Richard Youngs. Taking a break from his tireless live schedule, Luke will be playing some records, probably including at least one by Organum. **BRIAN NOT BRIAN (DJ)** Belfast native and London record store veteran Brian G. Morrison taught BEB much of what it knows about international shipping costs, cardboard stiffeners and changing the roll on a tape dispenser. Founder of the recently established and already widely salivated-over Going Good label (Aquarian Foundation, Anom Vitruv, etc), Brian joins us for the second year running to share some fire from his enviable collection of wave-era obscurities. This showcase is an all-night event, due to run 10pm-6am across both rooms of the Funktion1-equipped venue. Subscribe to the mailing lists of Blackest Ever Black ( and BleeD [] for further updates.
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