H O N ∆ L E E P R E S E N T S: Klavikon GUM Takes Tooth Jaxson Payne

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  • KLAVIKON reimagines ‘electronic’ music without the use of conventional processes - no loops, no laptops, no sequencers. Instead, pianist Leon Michener employs a unique system of amplified prepared piano. Augmenting the 88 keys with his own inventions and found objects - a custom made pick up, a robot dog- he delivers cascading batteries of percussion, sub-basses and abstract soundscapes. This amalgam of virtuosic technique and real-time analogue processing is at once connected with the dancefloor idiom of Detroit Techno pioneers and the Classical traditions of Stockhausen and Cage. The result is a fertile sonic territory, sincere in it’s eccentricity, restlessly inventive, that resists easy categorisation. GUM TAKES TOOTH channel wildly varied influences of primeval rhythms, spacious psyche, primal punk, pan-ethnic oddities, out-there noise, metal, acid house and vintage electronics through paired drum kits and live electronics, igniting a dense and focused motorik rhythm engine to propel thunderous evolving acid synth through haunted subterranean soundscapes and refracted vocal manipulations. JAXSON PAYNE was a founding member of koept (a Cornish based organisation for electronic art and sound). Over the years Jaxson has been involved in many varied projects: from experimental electronic recordings as Personality Son to forward thinking techno releases and live midi-drum solo performances under his Derehctub pseudonym. More recently, as second percussionist for Gum Takes Tooth, a one off collaboration with Korean pop-stars EE at Coachella music festival and electronic compositions and sound manipulations under his own name. For this event at Cafe Oto, Jaxson will be performing a new set using the midi-drum set-up that he first established in 2003. The midi-kit will be used to trigger samples as the bases of a part improvised, live electronic dance performance with intricacy usually only found in heavily programmed computer music and without the use of any backing tracks.