Jimpster #Bythelake

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    Jimpster (Freerange Records) + special sunshine guests... + Graham Plant (houseaddict) ++ Bruce Trail (3024) +++ Mix Chopin ++++ Rich Hope (bounce) +++++ Mike Gleeson (bounce)
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  • The Bounce #bythelake series is a well-established summer series that hits every long weekend in Toronto. It goes without saying that these benders get crazy. How could an 11-hour party in the sun NOT?! That being said, we thought we'd break tradition a little, and expand the 4-event series in to FIVE. Bounce and houseaddict couldn't be happier to celebrate this special addition to the series, as we team up with the king of deep house..... JIMPSTER - the dude's been jamming with us since 2009, and we're beyond excited to continue this relationship, as this marks his FIFTH consecutive year of hot parties in Toronto! Touring the world over on his latest album tour (Porchlight & Rocking Chairs), his Canadian showcase will be nothing short of amazing. Join us #bythelake on June 8th as Jimpster delivers a special XXXtended set to celebrate everything that is summer : ) #musicisecstacybro
  • Jimpster #Bythelake - Flyer front