Circoloco/Arthur Russell AT tv bar:From 10 pm sat 25/5.AT The Door 40$,20$ Detroit Residents

  • Arthur Russell was largely unknown in his own time. The avant-garde composer, musician and DJ produced some of the most compelling electronic music of the late 70s and 80s. A contemporary of Jean Michel Basquiat and Larry Levan his disco tracks debuted in the famous Paradise garage and Loft parties in New York. His collaborators include Robert Wilson, Allen Ginsberg, David Byrne, Larry Levan and Francois Kevorkian. However the musician’s work was largely unknown in his own time and his death due to AIDS related illness in the 90s left his position in the history of dance music in obscurity. Go Bang is an opportunity to give Arthur exposure in today’s club scene. Russell’s attention to creating wonderful music meant that his legacy was sadly never secured. And while his club tracks were scene hits in the 70’s and 80’s he never got to have commercial success. Go Bang is a multi venue, multi platform exhibition celebrating the work and music of Russell. Bringing together photography, previously unheard music and film of the artist we will create an immersive exhibition at TV bar Detroit. The exhibition will conceptually make use of the unique space at TV Bar Detroit, looking towards the venues wonderful assets, we will create an outdoor area dedicated to his life, as well as an wonderful line drawings inside, a direct call and echo to the Paradise Garage and Loft days of the Downtown 500 of New York. Detroit with its crumbling facades and forgotten splendour is the perfect location to launch Go Bang. The former grandeur of the Motor city casino area highlights the rebirth of a place and time, and shows that value can be found in our shared past, through the repurposing and reuse of unique and interesting spaces. Circo Loco and its partners are committed to showcasing and celebrating this musical legend. Bringing together award winning and world known musicians, designers, promoters, and artists will generate a high level of interest and excitement and will create a unique opportunity for lovers of this scene and Movement festival goers to view and experience a one of a kind party. Thanks to the creativity and will of Circoloco and TV bar Detroit, the venue will be transformed completely by the creative teams of Circo loco, local Detroit graffiti artists and contemporary international artists and performers of todays scene,for the first time TV BAr will have 3 areas ,2 open air an the main room indoors. For the event also Giorgio Orbi will support the development of the three areas: Giorgio Orbi is an artist living between London and Rome. Before beginning to regularly exhibit his work in art spaces, he took part in the Italian underground music and art creative scene. He is also known for his early career at Dc 10 as a resident Vj (2000-2009) and its presence touring with Circoloco all over Europe. (2000- presence). Go Bang s purpose of getting artist together expresses it self through the involvment of Detroit s most involved contemporary art foundation:POp Up DEtroit and its director :Michelle Tanguay. Pop Up Detroit is a collaborative effort of young residents of the city to make use of Detroit’s vacant spaces to show case the creative talent that resides in the city. Ultimately Pop Up Detroit will enhance the arts and culture of the city also through an event that aim to be history in DEtroit dance culture. Project developed and put together by John Connell, Elliot ,CIrcoloco and Tv Bar.
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      1st slot at 20$ SOLD OUT,2nd at 25$ SOLD OUT,3rd at 30$ SOLD OUT,4th at 33$ sold out,LAST SLOT AT 36$ ON SALE WENSDAY 23RD OF MAY,40$ at the door
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  • Circoloco/Arthur Russell AT tv bar:From 10 pm sat 25/5.AT The Door 40$,20$ Detroit Residents - Flyer front