Under_score presents... Shed

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    Shed + u_s residents - Jim Petherwick, Luke Malcher, Placid, Paul Purgas.
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  • Hi folks, under_score are proud to present Shed; the man behind the wonderful Soloaction imprint, and some of the most exciting and forward thinking techno records of recent times. Since his first release in 2004, Shed has carved a unique niche for himself, in which he pays homage to the classic musical innovators of the Motor City, whilst feeding off the anything-goes anti-genre ethos of the 21st century musical landscape. These tracks sound like nothing else, fizzing with an off-kilter energy that never fails to ignite the dancefloor, and always teetering on the verge of delerium, hysteria, even insanity. Fixing together heavy shuffled multi-step beats, bubbling interstellar synths and shuddering sub-bass, Shed's music and DJ sets offer a truly mind opening experience that is not to be missed. Soloaction is notable for the 'Remixes In Four Parts' 12" which garnered massive critical acclaim in 2007 and featured Shed's earlier work remixed by an eclectic array of producers. These included a rare Substance (aka DJ Pete / Scion) remix, and a groundbreaking techno / dubstep clash from previous under_score guest A Made Up Sound. Shed's music has also found a home on Delsin and Styrax Leaves, two of the most dependable and respected techno labels operating at present. His tracks have appeared on mix compilations from Radioslave and Panorama Bar resident Cassy.