Lovelight Feat. Lord Of The Isles

  • This way > Lord Of The Isles is a mysterious figure out of Edinburgh, Scotland, who produces a unique and ethereal flavor of disco-inspired house music. He's put out records on Adult Contemporary, Shevchenko, Unthank, and Ene, among other excellent labels, and was recently featured on the Little White Earbuds podcast series. We're having him over to play a live PA and DJ set, and we'd like you to come dance with us in a beautiful loft space this April. About us: A few months ago we were at a legendary and timeless party, and we heard a piece of music that seemed to make the world stand still. At that particular moment, for almost ten minutes, the dance floor felt like it existed in a dream space, on another world. We were moved, and had to track the song down. That record was Ultraviolet, by Lord Of The Isles. That night got us thinking about what made old school parties great, and listening to that track made us realize that it’s all about the beautiful music. Beyond purely physical and technical aspects of rhythm and structure, beyond sheer quantities of energy, beautiful music pulls at our hearts and takes us to a higher place. So we've joined forces and set up a temporary home in Brooklyn, where we can share this music with like-minded seekers of magic moments. DISCOVERY + LEGroom present LOVELIGHT, featuring Lord Of The Isles. We are: Faso, Free Magic, Davie Crolla and Chris Costello. The beacon lights April 27, 2013 at 11 pm sharp. Location TBA the day before the party; RSVP to [email protected] to receive the address. Through music we can come together and reach higher levels of being.
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