Stattnacht: Ambivalent, Fumiya Tanaka, Eli Verveine.

  • Vernissage: Christopher Logan (Loganic) + Sebastian Lechner (Korizoh) 'Suppressive Exaggeration' from 20:00- 02:00 Stattbad is proud to announce the opening of the Suppressive Exaggeration exhibition on May 18th, featuring the black and white works of Loganic and Korizoh. The opening night offers the public two distinct live sessions: Loganic's works will spread its borders through out the gallery walls, and Korizoh is inviting the public to be part of a character performance. The artists present two different perspectives of replicating reality by escaping it and finding order and chaos through their strokes. Both express their freedom of style around the creation of strange characters by shamelessly suppressing and discharging their emotions and desires. For one that leads to fabricating endless scenarios and for the other to emphasizing isolated events. Both submerge the viewer into an environment by hiding and exposing fantasies generated by real and fictional events, demonstrating the sinful guilt of pleasurable excess.
  • Stattnacht: Ambivalent, Fumiya Tanaka, Eli Verveine. - Flyer front