Reconnected with DJ Dan & Hatiras

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    DJ Dan, Hatiras, Kenny Glasglow, Mario J, Stretch & Hooker, Jesse Rose, Bang Gang vs Turbo, Wayne Mealing, Szoldier, Robb G, Big League Chu, Slip n Slide, Sniper & Mystical Influence, Marcus Visionary, Andy Reid, Tommy Outlaw, Matt Sims
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  • Let the anticipation begin once again as Stretch & Hooker + A.D/D. bring RE-CONNECTED back to the city of Toronto. As the event that put Toronto on the map for large format electronic events in the late 90’s/early 2000, RE-CONNECTED was responsible for brining much of the world’s greatest talent to the city. As the host location for this event, CiRCA will provide not only a large-scale venue, but also provide the imagination and originality that has helped create this events legendary status. We welcome everyone to come out on March 14th to help celebrate the past, present and future of electronic music in Toronto!