Russian Red in Panama

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    Yek (Panamá), Russian Red (Spain)
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  • Russian Red will perform for the first time in Panama on April 4th in Teatro Amador, the new culture innovation platform in Casco Antiguo. Tickets are on sale here and in Super Deportes stores ($25 presale). About Russian Red: Russian Red was THE indie spontaneous phenomenon in Spain in 2008 & 2009 and has become one of Spain´s biggest artists in the past years; an extremely rare story of success in Spain for an artist that plays folk-pop-rock and composes and sings in English. After one year out of stages, Russian Red comes back with her expected new second album. She started performing in small clubs of Madrid and quickly moved to theaters and clubs all around the world doing live shows in places like Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belgium among others. Her singer Lourdes Hernández owns an exceptional voice and a natural ability of transmitting and connecting with her public. Her first album "I love your glasses", released through a small indie label called Eureka, sold more than 40.000 copies achieving GOLD sales status. Between April 2008 and December 2009, Russian Red performed over 200 concerts in the most important festivals in Spain and Europe (FIB, Primavera Sound, Jazzaldia, Eurosonic, etc) Awards like Pop eye to the "best album debut 2008", "best female voice 2009" or her 3 nominations to the national music awards certify her success. At the same time the expectation she has created has made film world, television and advertisement give up to her charm. Her songs have become an essential part of spots for great campaigns as Haagen Dazs, TV series and films as award winning Camino and Room in Rome from Julio Medem. This last film has made her win a nomination for the important Goya awards as the best song. May 10, 2010 will bring the release of Fuerteventura, Russian Red's anticipated sophomore album. This is the new record by an artist who obtained tremendous success in the Spanish alternative music scene with her debut album I Love Your Glasses in 2008. Produced, recorded and mixed by Tony Doogan in Glasgow and performed by the musicians from Belle & Sebastian, Fuerteventura opens a new, surprising window into Russian Red's music. “I didn't decide "I'm going to change my style". This is a clear, natural evolution of the learning process I went through for the last three years since I've been part of the music industry", Russian Red says. "I wrote many of the songs while I was on the road. For this reason they show different states of mind, as during my concert tour I went through a lot of different experiences". Featuring I Hate But I Love You as the first single, Fuerteventura includes 11 songs that clearly reflect those diverse and personal states of mind. From melancholy to pure optimism, from light to mystery, the album confirms Russian Red's tremendous ability as a composer, her inspiration, her lack of fear and her bravery when facing risks while at the same time consolidating as the performer of her own creations. If Russian Red found herself consolidating as a singer/songwriter with a big future ahead, now she boosts this facet with Fuerteventura, while impressively adding another skill, her talent as a singer. Russian Red created a unique, subtle, delicate style that can face high notes with the lightest touch. She sounds amazing in her vocal tones, she surprises audiences with her talented voice and she clearly knows how to express her feelings through her songs. This is definitely an album to be listened to and enjoyed attentively. Fuerteventura brings us a new Russian Red with a classic-contemporary sound developed with help from producer Tony Doogan, the musicians from Belle & Sebastian and Spanish artist Charlie Bautista. “At first, Tony suggested recording the album in Madrid, but I wanted to unwind, leaving my daily life and the atmosphere where I usually live my life so I could focus completely on this record", Russian Red says. “He also suggested recording the album with some of the musicians from Belle & Sebastian, and to me that was like a gift from heaven. They are wonderful people and great musicians with brilliant ideas. We were like a second family, and I'm going to miss them a lot". Tony Doogan is currently one of the most important producers in the music industry. He previously worked with such important stars as Belle & Sebastian, David Byrne, Mogwai, Super Furry Animals, Teenage Fanclub and The Delgados, among other artists. "He works very fast and he amazingly controls everything that happens in the studio", Russian Red adds. "He's a little messy with his things, but that makes him even more special. This quality of his is one of the things that makes him surprise you with all these ideas that suddenly come to mind. I like him very much. He's chaotic but at the same time he has absolute control on what he does. He reminds me a little of myself". Doogan was joined by four musicians from Belle & Sebastian, more precisely Richard Colburn (drums and percussion), Stevie Jackson (guitar, harmonica and background vocals), Bob Kildea (bass, guitar, percussion and background vocals) and Mick Cooke (trompet and flugelhorn). They were all joined by Spanish musicians Charlie Bautista (keyboards, guitar, percussion and background vocals) and Manuel Cabezalí (guitar on Tarantino). Fuerteventura was recorded at Castle of Doom Studios in Glasgow and was mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound studios in New York. He was the genius behind such classics as John Lennon's Walls and Bridges, David Bowie's Young Americans and Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run, among an extensive and almost endless list of works that dates back to early 70s. For more info on Russian Red: For more info on Teatro Amador:
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