Matthew Herbert: One Pig

  • Composer, DJ, performer, producer and agent provocateur, Matthew Herbert is an idiosyncratic voice in contemporary music. 'Matthew Herbert makes music out of sound. Specific sounds. Simple as that seems, it is a practice that was only possibly as a result of one of the most radical and transformative inventions of the 20th century - that of magnetic tape. Once that was introduced into the field of recording, music could be sourced from the entire sonic world, recontextualised, reshaped. The possibility now existed to make anything out of anything. Herbert has remixed musicians as diverse as Bjork and Mahler, has scored film, dance and theatre and is now Creative Director of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. In One Pig, Matthew Herbert tells the life story of a pig through its sounds, instruments made from the pig itself and the sty-harp. One of the most talked-about works of contemporary music of the last few years, it was condemned by Peta, but celebrated by thoughtful music (and pork) lovers. 'In an age of such infinite and brilliant possibilities of technique, combined with the urgent politics of now, why have music and musicians lost the urge to challenge, investigate, invent and unite?' - Matthew Herbert
  • Matthew Herbert: One Pig - Flyer front