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    R&B/Hip Hop - 2 levels of Gas Normz, Sok, Nud-E, Earlculeez, J-Reyes, Mza, MC D Old School - Bohem Lounge Ace, Michael Hyper, Sparx, Ill DJ, Chasa, Mookz, MC Sean Ray & Mayhemz
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  • REMINISCENCE!!! to (remi•nisce n.) To recollect and tell of past experiences or events. You wont forget special occasions, you wont forget your first kiss, first love and other firsts...So dont stop there. For those who have experienced REMINISCENCE before. They know what its all about. And those that havent, believe the hype. With 3 huge levels in one of Sydney's exclusive venues. Madam Events brings to you an unforgettable showcase. With some of this city's elite DJs & Banging MCs. A showcase of performers that will leave you breathless, with a few surprises provided. Add the crowd that we are famous for attracting, providing our events with an unforgettable atmosphere. This is why peepz from previous events keep reminiscing of what they encountered. And keep coming back for more! Its an event you wont forget!! REMENISENCE.... Remember the vibe...remember the brand....remember the event...that is REMINISCENCE! R&B/Hip Hop - 2 levels of Gas Normz "So Fresh, So Clean" Sok “Get Crunk Shorty" Nud-E "Superstar" Earlculeez "Lean Back" J-Reyes "Get Low" Mza "Take It To The Floor" MC D “Party Up” EXCLUSIVE ACTS Special Showcase by The Elite Dance Group "H2D" Live Performance Old School - Bohem Lounge Ace "Still Not A Player" Michael Hyper "Tear It Up" Sparx "The Next Episode" Ill DJ "ILL Type Sound" Chasa "Lets Get Retarded" Mookz "Shake Ya Ass" MC Sean Ray & Mayhemz "Mr. New Jack Swing" DVDs, CDS, Vibe (Sunglasses, T-Shirts & Caps) Reminiscence Key Rings & Mobile phone giveaways. Register at [Free Entry B4 11pm] Registration begins on 4th October, 2004 Those who have previously registered for reminiscence will automatically receive Free Entry password via sms prior to the event. BE EARLY!! EXPECTING MAXIMUM CAPACITY Register for FREE ENTRY at