Ubermax with Moodymanc, Oskar Offermann, Sei A, DJ Steaw

  • Ubermax will keep on bringing you the most underground line-ups, rising artists and house music specialists. On the 11th of may, we are very proud to announce a very special line-up and we will run until 6am, in the newly refurbished Dukes (former T-Bar), gorgeous venue with a killer sound system. We are very pleased to present this line-up, gathering different sounds, generations, and origins, but clearly axed on high quality house music: Moodymanc, Oskar Offermann, Sei A and DJ Steaw, who is coming to Ubermax for a second time this year, as we just cant get enough of him! Host Sigmund K will warm you up in the main room, while residents Eugene & Mortimer and Chvck will keep it extra sleazy upstairs until 2am. Early birds tickets sold out, 1st release now for sale for £10. MOODYMANC (TSUBA, REBELLION, LANDED) "Moodymanc" has become one of the most respected names in house music today. The cheeky monniker was given as a nickname to Danny Ward by his cohorts at 2020 Vision recordings due to his heavily jazz tinged productions and Mancunian roots (Danny was a Hacienda regular and performer back in the day) whilst he was producing his two widely acclaimed albums and 12"s under the name "Dubble D" and as part of "2020 Soundsystem". The rest is house music history with the first series of 12"s on his own imprint through 2020Vision leading to releases on labels including Tsuba and Dessous (as well as 2020Vision itself), and underground 12"s on boutique labels including Landed, Abstract Theory and Fly By Night. The considerable success and response of these releases, not to mention his chart topping eps "Black Paint", "Joy" and "Father" have showcased his unique production skills and lead to him becoming one of the most in demand re-mixers around, keeping his name consistently in the bestseller and DJ charts and earning the respect of most of the big hitters on the scene, whilst his tribute re-work of Whitney Houston's "It's not right, but it's okay" continues to be an internet sensation. Danny's roots lie in his background as a jazz musician (he still regularly performs with some of Europe and the US's finest) leading him to gain work with such beat luminaries as Rae and Christian, the Pharcyde, Fila Brasilia and many more before taking the drum and production seats in 2020 soundsystem with Ralph Lawson and Silver City, this led him to perform and dj at some of the biggest clubs, dance events and festivals across the world and has seen him create a large media presence having graced the cover of DJ magazine and been featured in all the Dance music glossies as well as the underground blogs. As a DJ Danny prides himself in bringing a smooth mix of his vision of the best in current and classic sounds from accross the spectrum of house music incorporating a musicality and ability to read crowds that betrays his wide ranging background, experience and massive record collection. He is an expert at bringing the party on and keeping energy high and is equally at home on festival stages or in nightclubs. 2013 is kicking off in fine style for Danny with Moodymanc re-mixes of 95 North's classic "Let Yourself Go" tearing up dancefloors and vinyl eps in line for spring release on Frole , Abstract Theory and Gimmick, plus a "Dubble D" ep on Dark Energy and further side projects and an album planned for later in the year. OSKAR OFFERMANN (WHITE, AIM, MULE) The last 3 years have been great years for Oskar Offermann. The Berlin resident and Frankfurt grown up Oskar, was constantly in the Deephouse charts of many stores. His reputation as an artist began to grow, followed by DJ bookings all over Europe. But also his record label "WHITE" developed into a sureshot for DJs with a reliable sense of style. The list of supporters is endless. In his DJ Sets, Oskar focuses on Deep house and Disco. Often raw, always groovy and with a sense for songs and melodies. With the release of his debut album „Do Pilots Still Dream Of Flying?“ he has fully arrived as a creative producer and DJ. SEI A (TURBO, HEMLOCK, SIMPLE) Sei A – born Andy Graham - moved from his native Glasgow to his adopted London just a year ago. Since then, though, he has been immersed in the hybrid house, firm techno and bass-heavy scenes that happily co-exist within the capital. Naturally, then, he has widened his already impressive sonic remit as a result. Despite having two solid LPs to his name (on French outlet Missive Music and Tiga's Turbo) Sei A is not someone to have been gobbled up by the hype machine. Instead, his music operates outside the normal lines, with fans and critical acclaim coming in from many different directions. That’s no surprise really, given that the man initially explored sturdy tech house, but is now much more at home painting vivid and emotional sonic pictures that touch on rather more considered house and bass tropes. It’s a mature, moody sound that prizes feeling over fads and is one which keeps the man behind it right on the vanguard… why else would Martyn and Midland and have agreed to remix it otherwise? The dichotomy of Frozen Flower and Flux, his two latest EPs on Turbo, show that Sei A comfortably inhabits both the delicate and the more deliberate ends of the electronic music spectrum. DJ STEAW (RUTILANCE, LOCAL TALK, TRAXX UNDERGROUND) DJ STEAW is based in Rennes, France. This DJ/Producer is completely obsessed with black music: from gospel to techno, without forgetting House music of course. Mainly influenced by the Detroit/Chicago/NYC vibe, he has signed 7 EPs of infectious jacking house on Qalamota, Local Talk, Phonogramme and Traxx Underground, finding himself almost everytime in the house bestsellers on Juno. DJ Steaw has started in 2013 start his own imprint Rutilance, and has already topped the Juno charts with the first release "Tomate & Farcie". This definite vinyl lover knows London a little bit already as he has played for Fabric's 13th birthday earlier this year, and Ubermax in January. We are very happy to welcome him back to the Ubermax family!
  • Ubermax with Moodymanc, Oskar Offermann, Sei A, DJ Steaw - Flyer front