Deconstruct with Joton

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    Joton (Newrhythmic / Spain) Art Lentz (Machine Whisper / Zagreb, HR) Man From The Lab (3 decks set - Machine Whisper / Zagreb, HR) Marko Lük & Immortal (Hybrid liveact-DJ set - Alphawave / Maribor, SLO)
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  • Underground techno hits Pekarna once more. After numerous dark-sounding events we present another finger-licking techno march, this time straight from the underground of flaming Spain, supported by Zagreb and Maribor’s techno warriors. Joton – a Spanish de-constructer of ready set tracks is known for his dark, vigorous techno, mixed with precision and ruthlessness. He hits Maribor armed with the sound, defined over the years in cooperation with producers such as Ben Sims, Oscar Mulero, Pacou, Exium, Paul Mac, Grovskopa, A. Paul, Radial, Baas Mooy, Jeroen Search, Christian Wunsch. From Zagreb, the troops of Machine Whisper will be represented by Art Lentz and Man From The Lab. The first, with a diverse selection of technoid shots, is no good news for music wimps and the second, quick-fingered and three-plate-handling master proves the assumptions of vinyl DJs’ extinction false once and for all. The only two locals, Marko Lük and Denis Lederhas come armed with a secret digital-analog weapon combining a DJ set with live act. Firmly and restlessly they detonate one grenade after another. Location: Gustaf, Pekarna (Maribor, Slovenia) Date: 6. 4. 2013 Entrance: 5 EUR