Mind Smear Feauring Chris Liberator

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    Chris Liberator - Stay Up Forever, London Rackitt - Stay Up Forever, London Dr. Walker - Liquid Sky Berlin Squat Dom - Stay Up Forever, London
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  • *******NEW VENUE: AREA 61 @ JANNOWITZBRUCKE S-BAHNHOF******* ENGLISH: On Saturday April 20th, Mind Smear drops a hit of underground acid techno on Berlin. Set in Industrial era rail archways at the heart of east Berlin, the party's lineup will feature DJs from the fiercely independent label Stay Up Forever Records and Berlin's Liquid Sky collective. Pure Dead Mad will be supplying an underground sound system direct from the depths of London's squat party scene. DEUTSCH: Es ist an der Zeit, auch mal psychoaktiven Acid-Techno zu feiern, aus einer Zeit, als die Grenzen zwischen den Genres noch durchlässiger waren. Bei Mind Smear legen DJs des Kult-Labels Stay Up Forever aus London auf, wo die Underground-Szene noch wie im Berlin der Neunziger Jahre brummt. LINEUP: Chris Liberator: From indie punk and activism to festivals and squat parties to underground trance and techno clubs, Chris Liberator has passed through every musical counterculture that conspired to create the modern acid techno sound, which he continues to shape today. Famous for squat party anthems like ‘London Acid City’ & 'One Night In Hackney' Chris Liberator's infectious, playful mixing style captures the subversive surrealism of the underground and helps fuel its quest to 'Stay Up Forever.' Rackitt: Rackitt played her first gigs on London's squat party scene with support from Acid Techno stalwarts, Aaron and Chris Liberator & it was only a matter of time before she was making a right old Rackitt! She's made a name for herself as one of the most talented and versatile squat party DJ's, playing hard-edged techno & acid techno throughout the UK in clubs, festivals and the more infamous European teknivals. Squat Dom: Cutting his teeth in the London squats, Dom has played out on all the heavyweight squat party sound systems in the U.K. Dom studied and completed a music production course at the Academy of Contemporary Music and went on to release two tracks on Wah Wah 17 with Rhythm Logistics and three tracks on his own digital label Fracture Records. He also runs his own Acid Techno event called Happy Daze in Guildford, London. Dr. Walker is a Berlin-based producer of trippy, bass-driven techno, breakbeats & chillout. From his eastern HQ at Liquid Sky, he organizes genre-blending events that excavate a deeper sub-level of Berlin's underground party scene. He describes himself as an "Acidgrungecore-hooltigan, underground activist & extra terrestrial Noizedub-visionary." Want to find out what he means by that? Then catch him playing live at Mind Smear!
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