Lusotronics Festival

  • Venue
    • Obentrautstr.19-21; 10963 Kreuzberg; Berlin; Germany
  • Date
    Sat, 18 May 201309:00pm - 6:00am
  • Promoter
    Daniel Haaksman
  • Attending
    • 13
  • ̸


    Batida, Titica, Dama Do Bling, Throes & The Shine, DJ Marfox, Bazzerk DJs a.k.a. Jess & Crabbe, Diamondog
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  • The two day festival „Lusotronics“ at Berlin´s club „Gretchen“ is dedicated to the digital, urban music lifestyles of the four main countries of the Portugese speaking world: Angola, Brasil, Mosambik and Portugal. „Luso“ is the shortening for „lusophonic“, the term for Portugese culture (analogue to „frankophonic“, the term for the French speaking world). The digitally produced music genres that are currently emerging in these countries are part of a positive form of globalisation, and represent some of the most promising and future oriented innovations in worldwide pop and dance culture. In recent years, in many countries, electronic music opened up to influences from around the world. The music from the lusophonic sphere has contributed a major part in this development. Music genres such as baile funk, kuduro, tecno brega, funana or ku house are the music echos of an increasing digitalisation and networking of former „emerging countries“. Produced on cheap digital instruments, these genres were born in the shanty towns of megalopolises such as Rio De Janeiro, Luanda, Maputo, Belém or Lisbon and are rapidly distributed worlwide through the internet. A situation which is in stark contrast to the pre-internet-age in which these countries considered themselves „peripheral“, with little access to the global pop- and culture-space. But since Portugal´s former colonies are online, audo visual informations, music and dance styles circulate in unprecendentend velocity around the world, reaching publics beyond language and space barriers. The result of this development are adapted and re-contextualised in the cities of the „first world“ with Lisbon as it´s main hub. In cooperation with the Kreuzberg based club „Gretchen“, a well established club in Berlin´s club culture, artists and represetns of various urban centers of the lusophonic world will be invited to Berlin to perform together with Berlin and German aritsts. The musical program will be complemented by the presentation of various documentary films and lectures, which will give a deeper insight in local music styles of the lusophonic world and their hybrid electronic music styles. The festival will thus deal with the main issues, relations and dynamics of colonial history and post-colonialism, regionalism and globalisation, sampling and citation, copyright and creation, internet culture, as well as gender- and identity-constructions in the digital age. Powered by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.
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