Plex - Basement Sessions #2

  • For our 2nd Basement Session of 2013 we roll up once again at The Waiting Room and on a fine Bank Holiday Weekend too! The first act we have playing will be performing an exclusive live A/v show for us and it's a London debut no less! We are truly excited about this performance and they have been on our list of people to get at Plex for many a year now.. Thankfully we're lucky enough that we're finally able to get them on as London is well overdue seeing them play live in our opinion. This set is not to be missed at any cost. Next up is another live set, one of our favourite producers at the moment and with a carefully constructed live show to back up the plentiful wax output. The in-house Martin rig will get a full work-out on the night for sure when they hit the stage. Visceral, searing and intense stuff. You've been warned! Our third guest for the evening is a special local talent who's been around for quite some time. House, techno, acid, new beat all carefully crafted together for your listening pleasure and a pretty handy producer to boot as well. Amazingly he's never played for us either so another debut on the night. Backing these 3 fine Secret Guests will be Plex residents Skunkrock, Luke Handsfree and James Tec. As per the last party (and a continuing angle with all the Basement Sessions parties we're doing this year) No artist names will be released. There will be a very limited amount of tickets available so don't sleep on those if you plan on coming! **Unannounced Secret Guests. Exclusive Extended Sets. Martin Rig. Smoke. Lasers. Plex Basement Sessions**
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