Classica Orchestra Afrobeat Live in London

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    Classica Orchestra Afrobeat Kyazi Lugangira DJ Koichi Sakai Fenomeno Show (Open the Gate)
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  • “SHRINE ON YOU. Fela goes classical” is a beloved hommage to Fela Kuti, the greatest african musical genius and political rebel of recent history, played by an unusual chamber orchestra formed by eleven both classical and jazz musicians. While Afrobeat fever spreads worldwide, the countless happenings all over the continents and the many efforts to restore the pioneristic work of the Nigerian genius, the most original answer comes indeed from Italy, homeland of countless classical composers and musicians. Directed by Marco Zanotti, italian translator of Fela’s authorized biography by Carlos Moore (soon-to-be-released in Italy), produced by Sidecar Records (I) and distributed by Goodfellas, “SHRINE ON YOU. Fela goes classical” is the debut album of the Classica Orchestra Afrobeat and it features Seun Kuti and Kologbo from Africa 70 singing respectively songs “Zombie” and “Mr Follow Follow”. This is the exclusive live show in London of the 11 piece orchestra. Do not miss it!!